Live News

03 March 2021, 17:49 PM-designate Saad Hariri has traveled to the UAE.
03 March 2021, 17:26 Protesters have blocked the Riad al-Solh road in Beirut and the Riyaq-Baalbek road in the Bekaa.
03 March 2021, 16:15 MTV: Protesters have blocked the old airport road near the al-Ansar football pitch.
03 March 2021, 15:24 President Aoun described the protests over the lira collapse as "legitimate" and asked Salameh in a meeting to unveil the reasons behind it, the Presidency said.
03 March 2021, 11:33 TMC: Protesters blocked traffic on al-Abdeh roundabout.
03 March 2021, 10:37 MTV: Protesters blocked the Beddawi highway in both directions.
03 March 2021, 09:32 MTV: Protesters in North Lebanon blocked the Palma road and both directions of the seaside road.
03 March 2021, 09:31 MTV: Protesters blocked al-Bahsas road.
03 March 2021, 09:06 TMC: Protesters blocked the Sainik bridge in Ghazieh.
03 March 2021, 09:04 TMC: Protesters have blocked both lanes of the Qalamoun highway at the Balamand junction.
02 March 2021, 21:48 Protesters have blocked the western lane of the Jal el-Dib highway.
02 March 2021, 21:39 Protesters have blocked the al-Kafaat road and Baalbek's southern entrance.
02 March 2021, 21:24 Protesters have blocked the Kfar Abida highway in Batroun.
02 March 2021, 21:22 Protesters are burning tires at the Ablah roundabout and on the Barelias road.
02 March 2021, 21:21 Protesters have blocked the Qasqas road and re-blocked the Corniche al-Mazraa road.
02 March 2021, 20:42 The Corniche al-Mazraa road has been reopened and protesters have left the area.
02 March 2021, 20:40 Protesters have blocked the Jal el-Dib-Antelias highway.
02 March 2021, 19:55 The Dora highway has been blocked in both directions.
02 March 2021, 19:44 Protesters have blocked the Bebnin-al-Abdeh roundabout in Akkar.
02 March 2021, 19:29 The Saifi road has been blocked with burning tires and trash bins.
02 March 2021, 19:28 Lebanon recorded 3,098 new coronavirus cases and 62 deaths over the past 24 hours.
02 March 2021, 19:27 The Choueifat road has been blocked at the Kfarshima intersection.
02 March 2021, 19:26 Protesters have blocked the Kousba road in Koura.
02 March 2021, 19:25 Protesters blocked the main road in Qurnayel and the international road in Bhamdoun.
02 March 2021, 19:25 Protesters gathered at Tripoli's al-Nour Square before roaming the city's streets.
02 March 2021, 19:17 Protesters managed to block the eastern lane of the Dora highway after brief scuffles with the army.
02 March 2021, 19:16 The Zouk road has been blocked with burning tires.
02 March 2021, 19:06 Protesters are burning tires on the Yasouh al-Malak road, which has caused a traffic jam, amid a deployment of army troops.
02 March 2021, 19:04 The army has reopened the Dora-Nahr el-Mot highway after it was blocked by protesters.
02 March 2021, 19:04 The Ring highway has been reopened.
02 March 2021, 19:03 Protesters have blocked Beirut's Sport City road and the road near An-Nahar newspaper's building towards Beshara al-Khoury.
02 March 2021, 19:02 Protesters have blocked the Jiye highway with burning tires in both directions.
02 March 2021, 18:42 Protesters have blocked the Corniche al-Mazraa road and the Halat-Jbeil highway.
02 March 2021, 18:22 Protesters have blocked the Dkhouliyet Bourj Hammoud area.
02 March 2021, 18:21 Protesters have blocked the Sodeco road in both directions.
02 March 2021, 18:17 Protesters are gathering at the Achkout roundabout in Keserwan.
02 March 2021, 18:16 Protesters have blocked the al-Zahrani highway at the Adloun intersection.
02 March 2021, 17:54 Al-Jadeed said its reporter Ghadi Bou Moussa and its cameraman Mohammed Barbar were assaulted and the camera was smashed as they arrived to cover the protest on the Ring highway.