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21 November 2019, 22:49 The Naameh highway has been reopened in both directions.
21 November 2019, 21:45 Protesters blocked the Naameh and Ring highways as the army prevented other protesters from blocking the road near the presidential palace in Baabda.
21 November 2019, 21:43 Protesters have blocked the Naameh highway in both directions.
21 November 2019, 21:42 Cable TV providers in Beirut's southern suburbs and parts of the capital have cut off al-Jadeed TV's broadcast.
21 November 2019, 20:41 Protesters have blocked the Ring highway in Beirut.
21 November 2019, 20:22 Aoun addressing the armed forces: You must protect the freedom of the citizen who wants to express their opinion through demonstrations and you also have to protect the freedom of movement of the citizen who wants to go to their work or home.
21 November 2019, 20:19 Aoun: I will be a firm bulwark that protects the judiciary and by that I mean that I will prevent any interference in it.
21 November 2019, 20:18 Aoun: The recent popular protests have broken some taboos and relatively some protections, prompting the judiciary to act and encouraging the legislative authority to give priority to a number of anti-corruption draft laws.
21 November 2019, 20:11 Aoun: I repeat my invitation to protesters in order to closely explore their actual demands and means to implement them, because dialogue is the only correct way to resolve crises.
21 November 2019, 20:07 Aoun: The government should have been formed by now but the contradictions that govern Lebanese politics have necessitated carefulness in order to avoid the worse.
21 November 2019, 20:02 Aoun: The challenges are dangerous and we've wasted a lot of time.
21 November 2019, 20:00 Aoun: The time is not for speeches but rather for hard work.
21 November 2019, 19:38 U.S. embassy in tweet marking Lebanon's Independence Day: "With the Lebanese people. Today and Tomorrow."