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16 February 2020, 18:33 Middle East Airlines has reversed its decision to sell tickets exclusively in foreign currencies, at the request of PM Hassan Diab.
16 February 2020, 16:32 Nasrallah: Help the government, because should it manage to stop the collapse, it would be offering a great service to all Lebanese and those who live in Lebanon.
16 February 2020, 16:31 Nasrallah: Stop the incitement against the government and this is part of giving it a chance.
16 February 2020, 16:30 Nasrallah: This is not Hizbullah's government although Hizbullah backs it and wants it to succeed.
16 February 2020, 16:29 Nasrallah: Calling the government "Hizbullah's government" harms Lebanon's Arab and international ties.
16 February 2020, 16:28 Nasrallah: The situation is very difficult and I call for separating the financial and economic file from the political conflict in the country and leaving aside the settling of scores.
16 February 2020, 16:27 Nasrallah: We must laud the government’s PM and ministers for their courage to shoulder responsibility, because we will face difficult and sensitive circumstances.
16 February 2020, 16:23 Nasrallah: We have not dodged out responsibility and we in Hizbullah do not think in a partisan way... We have paid the price of the stances we have taken since Oct. 17 and some cursed us, but what’s important is to shoulder our responsibility and perform our duty.
16 February 2020, 16:19 Nasrallah: The U.S. forces must be expelled from Iraq.
16 February 2020, 16:19 Nasrallah: It is required to preserve the Popular Mobilization Forces, because America wants to eliminate the PMF seeing as it is among Iraq’s strength guarantees.
16 February 2020, 16:17 Nasrallah: I tell the dear, loyal and aggrieved Iraqi people that the first responsibility for responding to the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and Qasem Soleimani falls on their shoulders.
16 February 2020, 16:15 Nasrallah: The economic situation needs solutions and we are all responsible.
16 February 2020, 16:11 Nasrallah: Boycotting U.S. goods is painful for the Americans, so why don't we resort to this choice?
16 February 2020, 15:43 Nasrallah on U.S.: We are still responding slowly and belatedly.
16 February 2020, 15:42 Nasrallah: We are not taking anyone into a confrontation with America; America has imposed a confrontation on the ummah.
16 February 2020, 15:41 Nasrallah: Our peoples in the region must go to the main confrontation, which is inevitable, seeing as the other party is on the offensive.
16 February 2020, 15:36 Nasrallah on Lebanese rejection of naturalization: Who guarantees that these stances will remain the same in the future, especially if the Gulf stance changes.
16 February 2020, 15:33 Nasrallah: The Lebanese are aware of this plan's threats to their country.
16 February 2020, 15:32 Nasrallah: The Lebanese unanimity on rejecting the deal of the century must be lauded.
16 February 2020, 15:29 Nasrallah: The deal of the century is a crime committed at the White House.
16 February 2020, 15:27 Nasrallah: The deal of the century is Trump's plan to put an end to the Palestinian cause.
16 February 2020, 15:23 Nasrallah: Soleimani's martyrdom has pushed the region into a new phase.
16 February 2020, 15:22 Nasrallah: With the martyrdom of each of them, we would move from one phase into another.
16 February 2020, 15:18 Nasrallah: The resistance is not speeches nor words disconnected from reality. These leaders embodied it on the ground.
16 February 2020, 15:13 Nasrallah: The martyrs Soleimani, al-Muhandis, Abbas al-Moussawi, Ragheb Harb and Imad Mughniyeh shared common features. They had faith, loyalty and honesty and they were loved by the people.
16 February 2020, 15:09 Nasrallah: The enemy was betting on the collapse of the regime in Iran.
16 February 2020, 12:13 The FPM said it will file a lawsuit against Middle East Airlines after the company announced that it would only accept U.S. dollar ticket purchases as of Monday.