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09 August 2020, 17:36 The army said there is little hope of finding survivors at the blast site.
09 August 2020, 17:22 Industry Minister Hoballah: Our responsibility is to fight corruption from inside and we won't evade our responsibility.
09 August 2020, 15:59 MTV: Environment Minister Demianos Qattar has submitted a written resignation to Diab and there are pressures urging him to withdraw or suspend it.
09 August 2020, 15:57 Annahar newspaper: The government may resign today or more likely tomorrow during Cabinet’s session.
09 August 2020, 15:56 Annahar newspaper: A political decision has been taken to topple the government in parliament on Thursday.
09 August 2020, 15:38 Aoun to donors conference: Only justice can offer some consolation to the families of the victims and to every Lebanese and no one is above the law.
09 August 2020, 15:18 Macron: Launching a comprehensive probe is the people's demand and Lebanese authorities must seek a political and economic solution for the crisis.
09 August 2020, 15:15 Macron opening donors conference: The world must respond quickly and effectively to Lebanon's disaster and violence and chaos must not be allowed to prevail.
09 August 2020, 15:10 Berri: Parliament will hold open-ended sessions at UNESCO Palace as of Thursday to grill the government over the great crime against the capital and the people.
09 August 2020, 14:58 Two Kuwaiti planes carrying tons of food aid have landed in Beirut.
09 August 2020, 14:37 Sources to al-Jadeed: Diab is trying to convince some ministers not to resign.
09 August 2020, 14:34 Ministerial sources to al-Jadeed: The government will not resign.
09 August 2020, 14:34 The education minister has denied submitting his resignation.
09 August 2020, 14:33 Pope Francis has urged international solidarity with Lebanon and called on church leaders in the country to stay close to the people in their hour of need.
09 August 2020, 13:42 LBCI: The economy minister is inclined to announce his resignation.
09 August 2020, 12:39 Geagea: We're conducting necessary contacts and carrying out intense efforts to secure enough parliament resignations to reach early polls as soon as possible.
09 August 2020, 12:12 MP Neemat Frem has announced his resignation from parliament and called for early elections.
09 August 2020, 11:42 Information Minister Manal Abdul Samad has announced her resignation from Hassan Diab's government.
09 August 2020, 11:24 Patriarch al-Rahi called for an international probe into the Beirut blast and said the government must resign if it cannot revive the country.
08 August 2020, 21:42 The number of demonstrators has significantly decreased in Central Beirut and security forces and army deployed heavily.
08 August 2020, 21:38 Over 230 injured in ongoing clashes in Beirut, Lebanese Red Cross said.
08 August 2020, 21:09 US Embassy in Beirut: We support the Lebanese right for peaceful protests and encourage all involved to refrain from violence.
08 August 2020, 20:46 Health Ministry: 272 new cases of coronavirus registered raising total to 6223.
08 August 2020, 20:44 Protesters are storming the building of Ministry of Energy.
08 August 2020, 20:34 Al-Hadath: French Foreign Ministry said the situation is not clear in Lebanon and we are following up closely on the developments.
08 August 2020, 20:11 Al-Jadeed: Protesters stormed the building of the Association of Banks in Lebanon.
08 August 2020, 20:09 Fire erupts in Beirut Square amid protests.
08 August 2020, 20:06 Al-Jadeed: Protesters have stormed the headquarters of the Association of Banks.
08 August 2020, 19:50 Diab: I'm ready to shoulder responsibility for two months until all parties agree on the next stage and on Monday I'll call on Cabinet to organize early polls.
08 August 2020, 19:47 Video emerges online showing smoke rising from behind Le Gray hotel building.
08 August 2020, 19:44 Protesters are reportedly storming the Ministry of Economy and Trade building in Beirut.
08 August 2020, 19:36 LBCI: One of the security forces was killed in Central Beirut.
08 August 2020, 19:35 LBCI: Fierce clashes between protesters and security forces in Azarieh street.
08 August 2020, 19:27 Parialment Police denied firing at protesters as media reports said a riot policeman was killed in a confrontation with protesters inside the Le Grey Hotel.
08 August 2020, 19:06 Activists and retired servicemen have occupied the Foreign Ministry building in Ashrafieh.
08 August 2020, 18:51 Kataeb: Protesters burnt pictures of President Michel Aoun in the foreign ministry.
08 August 2020, 18:24 Red Cross: 22 were wounded in Beirut protests and taken to the hospital for treatment while 87 were treated on site.
08 August 2020, 18:12 Vdl 93.3: Members of Hizbullah and AMAL movement deployed near Khandaa Ghamie neighborhood.