Live News

22 January 2017, 15:38 National News Agency: Several mortar and artillery shells have been found on the side of the international highway in the town of Bhamdoun near the intersection of the Aley town of Shanay.
22 January 2017, 14:48 MTV: Army intelligence agents have arrested two people at the Sidon building where the would-be suicide bomber used to live.
22 January 2017, 13:40 Lebanese Army: A suspect has been arrested in the Akkar region of Wadi Khaled and arms and ammunition were seized in his house.
22 January 2017, 13:35 Al-Jadeed: The explosive belt worn by the Hamra would-be suicide bomber weighed eight kilograms of powerful explosives and contained metallic shrapnel, a fuse and a detonator.