Live News

11 August 2020, 12:22 John Barsa the acting USAID Administrator is in Beirut to observe current USAID disaster response efforts and assess the situation on the ground.
11 August 2020, 10:52 Berri called for a parliament meeting on Thursday at the UNESCO Palace to discuss a state of emergency decree in Beirut
10 August 2020, 21:13 Two people have been wounded by celebratory gunfire in Tripoli.
10 August 2020, 20:38 President Aoun thanked Diab and the ministers and asked them to continue in caretaker capacity.
10 August 2020, 20:36 Celebratory gunfire erupted in Tripoli in the wake of Diab's resignation.
10 August 2020, 20:26 Lebanon recorded 295 COVID-19 cases and four deaths over the past 24 hours, the Health Ministry said.
10 August 2020, 20:20 Israeli army spokesman Adraee said Israel has reduced reinforcements and eased restrictions on the movement of military vehicles on its northern border.
10 August 2020, 19:56 Diab has left the Grand Serail for Baabda.
10 August 2020, 19:40 Prime Minister Hassan Diab has announced his government's resignation.
10 August 2020, 19:40 Diab: Today we will take a step back in order to stand with the people.
10 August 2020, 19:40 Diab: Today we are heeding people's demand for real change.
10 August 2020, 19:38 Diab: They knew that we resembled a threat to them.
10 August 2020, 19:38 Diab: A (political) class is resisting through all dirty means to prevent change.
10 August 2020, 19:36 Diab: Some did not properly interpret the October 17 revolution. That revolution was against them.
10 August 2020, 19:35 Diab: Some only care about populist speeches.
10 August 2020, 19:33 Diab: One of the corruption models exploded at Beirut's port.
10 August 2020, 19:32 Diab: The corruption network is bigger than the state.
10 August 2020, 19:32 Diab: This disaster is the result of chronic corruption.
10 August 2020, 19:25 Protesters have toppled one of the security walls outside Nejmeh Square.
10 August 2020, 18:38 Security forces are firing tear gas at protesters near parliament.
10 August 2020, 18:37 President Aoun has received a phone call from French President Macron.
10 August 2020, 18:25 Anti-government protesters are rallying near parliament and some are trying to breach the security walls.
10 August 2020, 17:44 Egyptian ambassador from Center House: Egypt will contribute to fixing the electricity and the port in Beirut.
10 August 2020, 17:31 Premiership: PM Diab will address the nation at 7:30 pm.
10 August 2020, 17:26 Deputy PM and Defense Minister Zeina Akar has announced her resignation from the government.
10 August 2020, 17:25 LBCI: Health Minister Hamad Hasan confirmed that the government will resign.
10 August 2020, 17:25 U.N. chief Antonio Guterres has called for a credible and transparent probe into the Beirut blast.
10 August 2020, 16:39 LBCI: Diab will announce his government's resignation upon the end of the cabinet session before heading to Baabda to submit it to President Aoun, who will accept it.
10 August 2020, 16:25 Rescuers have found five more bodies at the Beirut blast site.
10 August 2020, 15:56 Cabinet has referred the port blast case to the Judicial Council.
10 August 2020, 15:03 Al-Jadeed: Finance Minister Ghazi Wazni has submitted his resignation.
10 August 2020, 13:21 LBCI: Telecommunications Minister said his resignation is definite if ministers do not resign en masse.
10 August 2020, 13:03 LBCI: Foreign Minister Mohammed Fahmi arrived at the Grand Serail before a Cabinet meeting slated at 3:00 p.m.
10 August 2020, 12:37 A Cabinet meeting slated to take place at Baabda Palace at 3:00 p.m. has been moved to the Grand Serail.