Live News

21 February 2019, 21:23 Switzerland said it will suspend the delivery of weapons to Lebanon after 31 rifles donated to the Republican Guard and other agencies went missing.
21 February 2019, 21:03 Al-Arabiya: Switzerland has suspended the delivery of military equipment to Lebanon, saying it will not be able to monitor their final destination.
21 February 2019, 20:30 Jumblat from Center House on some media reports: There is a systematic campaign to stir tensions between me and PM Hariri.
21 February 2019, 18:11 Al-Mustaqbal bloc: We sense that a political treachery operation has targeted us and the Constitutional Council's ruling is politically motivated.
21 February 2019, 17:08 Dima Jamali announced from the Center House that she intends to run in Tripoli's parliamentary by-election after her membership of parliament was revoked.
21 February 2019, 16:40 President Michel Aoun ended the Cabinet's first session when ministers engaged in a heated debate over the relation with Syria.
21 February 2019, 12:19 The Constitutional Council has annulled the election of Tripoli MP Dima Jamali.