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01 March 2017, 21:04 Hariri said he'll consider the government a "failure" if it doesn't manage to pass an electoral law, stressing that al-Mustaqbal wants the elections to be held.
01 March 2017, 20:42 MP Jumblat after meeting PM Hariri: We must reach an electoral law that bolsters partnership and reconciliation and does not create tensions.
01 March 2017, 20:22 A meeting is underway at the Grand Serail between PM Hariri and MP Jumblat.
01 March 2017, 16:18 Energy Minister Abi Khalil in response to LF's proposal on electricity: "I'm preparing a plan for the health sector."
01 March 2017, 16:17 VDL (93.3): The cabinet session has started at the Grand Serail.