Live News

27 February 2017, 21:00 Al-Jadeed: A hand grenade exploded on Ain el-Hilweh's al-Fawqani street after gunmen went on alert in the area.
27 February 2017, 19:16 Sarraf's office said the minister has announced that “the army chief's term ends once the cabinet names a new commander,” denying that he had said that “the army chief will stay in his post until the end of his term.”
27 February 2017, 17:11 A cabinet session dedicated to state budget has been postponed due to a lack of quorum.
27 February 2017, 16:36 TV networks quoting Defense Minister Sarraf: The army commander will stay in his post until the end of his term.
27 February 2017, 16:35 FM Bassil before Cabinet session: The LF's demand regarding electricity is rightful but it is theoretical and needs five years to be realized.