Live News

23 July 2016, 12:31 VDL (93.3): Fire erupted in the southern town of Houmin in Iqlim al-Teffah and the residents voiced calls for help.
23 July 2016, 12:05 VDL (93.3): The army erected checkpoints in al-Jamalah, al-Masyada and Wadi Hmeid inside the town of Arsal and closed the border crossings.
23 July 2016, 10:43 NNA: Israeli troops patrolled the border line and three Hummer vehicles drove along the technical fence opposite the towns of Adaiseh and Kfarkila.
23 July 2016, 10:26 VDL (93.3): The Lebanese Army arrested suspect Hussam Murad in al-Zahrieh over his involvement in the al-Dabbagha incidents two months ago that left one person killed.
23 July 2016, 10:23 Free Patriotic Movement MP Ibrahim Kanaan to LBCI: All the contacts at the current stage aim to find a solution for the presidential file.
23 July 2016, 09:38 MP Michel Moussa to VDL (93.3): Lebanon is passing through a critical economic situation as the result of the regional situation and the failure to approve a state budget.