Live News

25 May 2016, 15:51 Al-Jadeed: A dispute erupted between residents and Haret Hreik deputy municipal chief Ahmed Hatoum over the fees of private power generators.
25 May 2016, 13:24 VDL (93.3): The ISF Intelligence Bureau uncovered the shooter who killed Wissam Bleiq and it is seeking to arrest him.
25 May 2016, 10:22 Change and Reform bloc official Salim Jreissati to VDL (93.3): We are positively dealing with Speaker Nabih Berri's proposal and we will not obstruct it.
24 May 2016, 20:32 National News Agency: Heavy gunfire accompanied the burial of Hussein al-Hujeiri in the town of Arsal.
24 May 2016, 20:05 Islamist cleric Mustafa al-Hujeiri called on the government, Hizbullah, AMAL and the MPs to address the killing of Hussein al-Hujeiri, saying "some people are committing murders in public and moving in armed convoys."
24 May 2016, 20:02 LBCI: The road has been reopened outside the Interior Ministry.
24 May 2016, 19:48 LBCI: Demonstrators blocked the road outside the Interior Ministry in protest at "arms proliferation, stray bullets and the lack of accountability."
24 May 2016, 17:22 MTV: The army is dismantling a bomb that was placed in the car of Munir al-Maqdah's son in Wadi al-Zayneh near Sidon.
24 May 2016, 17:08 Bassil: We assessed the municipal polls and we are pleased with them. We hope the polls will be crowned with parliamentary ones.
24 May 2016, 17:08 Bassil: We stress our constant support for the Orthodox Gathering law, which has not been given a chance by officials.
24 May 2016, 17:07 Bassil: We congratulate Amal Abou Zeid on his victory in the Jezzine by-elections.
24 May 2016, 17:07 FM Jebran Bassil after Change and Reform bloc's weekly statement: We hope that on the occasion of Liberation and Resistance Day that Lebanon would be rid of terrorism.
24 May 2016, 17:01 Al-Mustaqbal movement condemned the killing of Abou Taqiyeh's nephew, urging the government and the political and religious leaders to intervene to foil strife.
24 May 2016, 16:37 MTV said one of its crews fell into an “armed ambush” set up by members of the Tlais, Mazloum and Ismail families in Bekaa's Hizzine and that its cameraman Joseph Nicolas was beaten up.