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28 July 2016, 12:43 ISF arrested Syrian national H.Aa for having links to terror groups.
28 July 2016, 09:26 Khalil: Lebanon will be stronger when the displaced Syrians go back to their homeland.
28 July 2016, 09:24 Khalil: You are all responsible to address this crisis so it does not expand further.
28 July 2016, 09:23 Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil: Lebanon has been able to host brethren Syrians and provide education for many, but today we are shocked and disappointed that the international support for Lebanon did not meet the required standards.
28 July 2016, 09:21 VDL (93.3): The army raided the houses of fugitives in the town of Britel in search for suspects involved in kidnapping, trafficking and selling stolen goods.
28 July 2016, 08:58 MP Serje Tersarkisian to VDL (93.3): Those who wish to have MP Michel Aoun elected as president must attend the parliament sessions to elect him.
28 July 2016, 08:47 NNA: ISF arrested two suspects on narcotics charges and using counterfeit money.
27 July 2016, 14:01 The cabinet meeting at the Grand Serail has ended.