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23 June 2017, 19:00 Nasrallah: Lieberman has said that Israel does not intend to wage a war, 'neither in fall, nor in summer, nor in winter, nor in the North and nor in the South.' The person saying this is the enemy's minister of war and he knows that wars on Gaza or Lebanon will not lead him to victories.
23 June 2017, 18:43 Nasrallah: Israel is refraining from waging wars on Lebanon and Gaza because it knows very well that such a move would be costly due to the resistance's capabilities.
23 June 2017, 18:37 Nasrallah: The Israeli air force is secretly taking part in the bombardment of Yemen.
23 June 2017, 18:36 Nasrallah: Daesh is on the brink of obliteration.
23 June 2017, 18:35 Nasrallah: Thanks to resilience, Syria has overcome the threat of toppling the regime, and should the military developments continue in the same manner, Syria will overcome the threat of partitioning and isolation.
23 June 2017, 18:30 Nasrallah: Israel is seeking full relations and normalization with the Arab states.
23 June 2017, 18:28 Nasrallah: Iraq showed a clear political will against being part of a settlement at the expense of Palestine, so they sent them Daesh, which is an American product that enjoyed Saudi funding and Turkish facilitation.
23 June 2017, 18:24 Nasrallah: Resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine are facing threats of war and assassinations as well as defamation attempts, terror accusations and the targeting of the resistance's popular incubator.
23 June 2017, 18:20 Nasrallah: Syria, which is at the vanguard of the axis of resistance and an essential backer of resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine, was a major obstacle in the way of any Arab settlement that would come at the expense of the Palestinians, that's why they sought to topple Syria's regime and weaken its army through the takfiri groups.
23 June 2017, 18:17 Nasrallah: Iran, as the main backer of resistance movements in the region, is facing political pressures and economic sanctions aimed at isolating it. The new isolation attempts started at the Riyadh summit with the aim of bringing the war to Iran through the takfiris. The new Saudi crown prince had threatened to bring the war to Iran and this means using the Wahhabi, takfiri groups to target Iran.
23 June 2017, 18:13 Nasrallah: There are attempts to push the Palestinians to despair and make them accept anything.
23 June 2017, 18:12 Nasrallah: The axis of the resistance is still seeking to foil this grand objective, which is not new.
23 June 2017, 18:11 Nasrallah: A major objective behind the ongoing wars in our region is preparing all the political, popular, official and psychological environments for a settlement that serves Israel's interests and that would come at the expense of the Palestinians.
23 June 2017, 18:07 Nasrallah: Washington and its tools in the region sought to achieve a host of objectives in the region, including the control of our oil, funds and land, and most importantly putting an end to the Palestinian cause and pushing things to a certain settlement in the region at the expense of the Palestinian people's interests.
23 June 2017, 18:04 Nasrallah: The Saudi regime is too weak and impotent to be able to wage a war on Iran.
23 June 2017, 17:59 Nasrallah: These protests were contained due to the absence of solid frameworks, wise leaderships and national cooperation and harmony and also due to the ability of Washington and its tools in the region to usurp these popular movements.
23 June 2017, 17:59 Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in speech marking Quds Day: The popular protests in several Arab countries were real protests and not the result of a conspiracy or a scheme.