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05 August 2020, 21:23 Health Ministry: Lebanon recorded 355 COVID-19 cases on Tuesday and Wednesday.
05 August 2020, 20:53 Beirut's governor: The total losses resulting from Beirut's blast might range between 10 to 15 billion U.S. dollars.
05 August 2020, 20:33 A UAE aid plane has landed at Beirut's airport.
05 August 2020, 20:30 U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo offered U.S. assistance to Lebanon in a phone call with PM Hassan Diab.
05 August 2020, 19:34 Health Minister Hasan has announced a new toll of 135 dead, around 5,000 wounded and dozens missing from Tuesday’s catastrophic explosion in Beirut.
05 August 2020, 19:21 The STL postponed its verdict in the Rafik Hariri case to August 18, saying the move comes "out of respect for the countless victims" of Tuesday's Beirut blast.
05 August 2020, 19:03 Two U.S. officials said Beirut's blast appears to have been caused by improper storage of explosives.
05 August 2020, 19:03 Two U.S. officials said there are no indications that Beirut's blast was the result of an attack.
05 August 2020, 19:02 Prosecutors in France have opened an investigation after 21 French citizens were wounded in the Beirut blast.
05 August 2020, 18:49 Ex-PMs after Center House meeting: We see a need to ask the UN or the Arab League to form an international or Arab inquiry panel to probe the Beirut blast.
05 August 2020, 16:55 Minister Ghada Shreim: It has been decided to place all those involved in the storing and guarding process at Beirut’s port since 2014 under house arrest.
05 August 2020, 16:51 Patriarch al-Rahi is inspecting a number of religious and medical facilities in the Ashrafieh area.
05 August 2020, 14:11 MTV: French President Emmanuel Macron will visit Beirut on Thursday to provide financial and medical assistance to Lebanon.
05 August 2020, 13:40 Diab: All political forces are urged to stop bickering and focus on addressing the repercussions of the explosion.
05 August 2020, 13:39 Diab: A major catastrophe has hit the country.
05 August 2020, 13:37 Aoun: We call for assistance from countries in treating the injured and repairing the damage to the port and the capital.
05 August 2020, 13:34 Aoun: The High Relief Committee will assess the damages and provide the necessary assistance.
05 August 2020, 13:33 Aoun: We are determined to proceed with investigations and uncover the circumstances that caused the blast as soon as possible.
05 August 2020, 13:28 Media reports: Two individuals were killed and seven others injured on a tourist ship that drowned off Beirut port as the result of the blast.
05 August 2020, 13:24 Hariri: Transparent investigation must be run into the incident. Several states are capable of helping us find out what happened.
05 August 2020, 13:22 Hariri is inspecting the site of the blast in Beirut port.
05 August 2020, 13:17 Cost of damage from Beirut blast tops $3 bn, Beirut governor said.
05 August 2020, 12:48 Sky News Arabia: Beirut governor said the damages as the result of the port explosion have impacted half the capital.
05 August 2020, 12:47 Sky News Arabia: Beirut governor said up to 300,000 individuals have lost their homes in the explosion.
05 August 2020, 12:25 President Michel Aoun is inspecting the blast area in Beirut accompanied by the Army chief and head of the Civil Defense Directorate.
05 August 2020, 11:45 Lebanese Red Cross official Georges Kettaneh to LBCI: The Red Cross moved 1600 injured to hospitals and we conducted building surveys to search for wounded and casualties.
05 August 2020, 10:35 Sky News Arabia: Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations to send 5 airplanes to help remove the rubble from Beirut port.
05 August 2020, 10:28 Health Minister Hamad Hassan to Sky News Arabia: The situation in Lebanon is disastrous in every sense of the word.
05 August 2020, 10:03 Iraq Red Crescent said 10 Iraqis were injured in Beirut's blast.
05 August 2020, 10:02 Sky News Arabia: the King of Jordan gave directions to prepare a military field hospital to send to Lebanon.
05 August 2020, 10:00 Cyprus Foreign Minister: Cyprus is ready to receive injured after Beirut blast and to send medical teams if necessary.
05 August 2020, 09:00 Health Minister Hamad Hassan: The toll of the deadly blast rose to 80 individuals killed and the number of injured rose to 4000 to date.
04 August 2020, 23:36 Health Minister: The blast death toll has surpassed 63 and the injury toll has surpassed 3,000.
04 August 2020, 23:14 British PM Johnson on Beirut blasts: The UK is ready to provide support in any way we can, including to those British nationals affected.
04 August 2020, 23:12 UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson: The pictures and videos from Beirut tonight are shocking. All of my thoughts and prayers are with those caught up in this terrible incident.
04 August 2020, 22:40 The death toll from the Beirut port blast has risen to 50 and the injury toll to 2,750.