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19 January 2017, 20:43 AFP quoting army spokesman: Senegalese troops have entered The Gambia.

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19 January 2017, 19:20 A meeting is underway at Zahle's Greek Catholic archbishopric to follow up on the case of Saad Risha's abduction.
19 January 2017, 18:47 Information Ministry contract employees have begun a sit-in outside parliament to demand that their file be discussed by the ongoing legislative session.
19 January 2017, 18:43 MTV: The army has arrested the father of one of the captors to press for the release of Saad Risha.
19 January 2017, 17:47 Relatives of the abductee Saad Risha have blocked several roads in central Bekaa and threatened to carry out counter-kidnaps if he is not freed by 8:00 PM.
19 January 2017, 17:36 Defense Minister al-Sarraf and Army chief Qahwaji have inspected military units deployed on the eastern border in the Arsal region.
19 January 2017, 17:18 MTV: Berri's envoy Bassam Tlais is meeting with Brital dignitaries and contacts are underway to unveil Saad Risha's fate.
19 January 2017, 16:40 Relatives of the abductee Saad Risha have threatened to "block all roads in the Bekaa."
19 January 2017, 16:32 Relatives of the abductee Saad Risha have once again blocked the Zahle road to press for his release.