Live News

25 November 2020, 15:05 President Michel Aoun is meeting with Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi in Baabda.
25 November 2020, 13:21 MP Alain Aoun: The dialogue was calm, deep and responsible between the blocs. I suggested transferring the issue of abolishing sectarianism to the national dialogue table that the President intends to hold.
25 November 2020, 13:17 MP Ali Fayyad: We can look into some flaws in the current electoral law. We need not approach this issue with tension.
25 November 2020, 13:10 Adwan: The timing to suggest a new electoral law is not appropriate, but more though aims for a change in the political system.
25 November 2020, 13:07 Adwan after joint meeting of the parliamentary committees on a new electoral law: The Strong Republic bloc has a clear stance regarding the election law. All lawmakers agreed that the law in effect is the one based on which the elections should be held.
25 November 2020, 10:53 A joint meeting of the parliamentary committees is underway at the parliament to discuss a new electoral law.
25 November 2020, 10:33 Aoun: Without a forensic audit no agreement can be made with countries willing to help Lebanon or with the IMF or any financial institution.
25 November 2020, 10:09 Families of Beirut port explosion victims staged a sit-in near the parliament to press the Lebanese government to deliver on its promises to investigate the causes of the explosion.