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19 December 2014, 08:26 VDL (100.5): Sidon's municipal chief said 4 Syrians suspected of torching the Christmas tree were arrested.
19 December 2014, 08:25 Al-Mustaqbal delegation returned to Beirut after a short visit to Riyadh to discuss the latest developments with the movement's head Saad Hariri.
19 December 2014, 08:08 Manager of Beirut's Wheat Silos Moussa Khoury to VDL (100.5): The wheat silos match the international standards and we can not control the surrounding area.
19 December 2014, 08:02 MP Salim Salhab to VDL (93.3): The meetings between al-Mustaqbal and Hizbullah, and between the FPM and the LF are complementary.
19 December 2014, 07:51 MTV: 2 people burned at dawn a Christmas tree in Sidon's Elia street.
18 December 2014, 22:19 Al-Mayadeen: Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani will visit Syria, Lebanon and Iraq as part of a regional tour that starts Sunday.
18 December 2014, 21:20 Sheikh Wissam al-Masri from Riad al-Solh: I asked them to allow me to check up on the situations of the servicemen and they blindfolded my eyes before allowing me to meet them and I can confirm that I saw nine servicemen.
18 December 2014, 21:19 Sheikh Wissam al-Masri from Riad al-Solh: I went to Arsal's outskirts and I met the relevant Islamic State officials and the man in charge of the case of the servicemen. They expressed extreme dismay over the state's approach towards Hizbullah's intervention in Syria.
18 December 2014, 21:11 Military sources to al-Mayadeen: The car used in Shatah's assassination came from the Ain el-Hilweh camp.
18 December 2014, 21:05 Military sources to al-Mayadeen: The detainee Abbas was arrested in Majdal Anjar and he was immediately transferred to the defense ministry building.
18 December 2014, 21:04 Al-Mayadeen: Army intelligence agents arrested a week ago a man from the Abbas family who is involved in the assassination of Minister Mohammed Shatah.
18 December 2014, 20:03 MTV quoting Syrian source: Wissam al-Masri is only carrying messages to the government and he has not yet become an official mediator.
18 December 2014, 20:02 MTV: The IS group asked Wissam al-Masri to pass on new demands to the government and explained the "concessions" it has made by lowering the number of Roumieh inmates it wants freed from 20 to 3.
18 December 2014, 18:52 Sheikh Wissam al-Masri to MTV: We're on our way to Riad al-Solh to hold a press conference at 8:30 pm on the outcome of our meeting with the Islamic State group.
18 December 2014, 18:36 Al-Jadeed: Sheikh Wissam al-Masri met the IS-held captives and he's currently heading from Arsal's outskirts to Riad al-Solh to meet with the servicemen's families.
18 December 2014, 18:31 Abou Faour: Some ministry employees colluded with Omar Sablouh, who is accused of graft, and I referred the case to the financial prosecution.
18 December 2014, 18:27 Abou Faour: All food products and juices for children below 3 years of age will be inspected by the Ministry of Health from now on.
18 December 2014, 18:27 Abou Faour: We verified that 90-95% of restaurant workers do not have health certificates. The certificates will become compulsory and violating firms will be shut down.
18 December 2014, 18:16 Health Minister Wael Abou Faour: The area for loading cereals lacks hygiene and contains a large number of birds.
18 December 2014, 18:15 Health Minister Wael Abou Faour: We inspected the wheat silos at the Beirut Port and determined that the area surrounding the silos does not meet the proper health standards, amid the presence of a large quantity of truck wheels and bugs.
18 December 2014, 17:48 Health Minister Wael Abou Faour is announcing a new list of firms violating food safety regulations.
18 December 2014, 17:47 Health Minister Wael Abou Faour: Some thought that the campaign is temporary, but it will continue and we'll announce the results whenever we receive specimens.
18 December 2014, 17:46 Health Minister Wael Abou Faour: We hope our campaign will turn into a permanent and routine performance at all institutions concerned with food safety.
18 December 2014, 17:46 Agriculture Minister Akram Shehayyeb: The ministry is enhancing health and agricultural orientation for the owners of poultry farms and everyone who works in the sector.
18 December 2014, 17:31 Popular Bloc chief Elias Skaff at rally against cement factory project in Zahle: We filed a lawsuit before the Shoura Council against the construction of the cement factory.
18 December 2014, 17:24 Popular Bloc chief Elias Skaff at rally against cement factory project in Zahle: The cement factory in Zahle will affect the health of every citizen in the city.
18 December 2014, 17:24 Popular Bloc chief Elias Skaff at rally against cement factory project in Zahle: Why was the permission given for the construction of such a factory that would have a disastrous impact on everyone in Zahle and the neighboring areas?
18 December 2014, 16:11 STL Contempt Judge Nicola Lettieri has ordered the trial in the case against al-Jadeed and Karma Khayat to start on April 16, 2015.
18 December 2014, 15:52 Information Minister Jreij after cabinet session: Salam reiterated his call for the election of a new president, noting that continued vacuum would strip the state of its head, without which the work of institutions cannot be regularized. He also called for putting the national interest above all else and exerting efforts to fill the vacuum without any delay.
18 December 2014, 15:52 Jreij quoting Salam: The crisis cell will continue its efforts to secure the release of the servicemen. The negotiations are tough but we hope they will lead to their release.
18 December 2014, 15:51 Jreij: Salam sensed how much France cares about Lebanon, especially regarding the issue of equipping the army.
18 December 2014, 15:38 OTV: The cabinet session has ended.
18 December 2014, 15:37 LBCI: The issue of waste management was briefly discussed during the cabinet session before it was postponed to another session.
18 December 2014, 15:31 VDL (93.3): The cabinet is now discussing the issue of waste management.
18 December 2014, 15:30 MTV: Salam has once again postponed the discussion of the issue of introducing new faculties and branches at universities.
18 December 2014, 15:16 VDL (100.5): UK Middle East Minister Tobias Ellwood arrived at Bkirki for talks with Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi.
18 December 2014, 13:57 ISF Information Branch detained 33-year-old M. Z. in Beirut's Basta area over theft charges.
18 December 2014, 13:26 TMC: One person was wounded in a traffic accident between a car and a motorcycle on the Hadath main road leading to Choueifat.
18 December 2014, 12:18 Al-Jadeed: The army arrested Z. Sabaqji in Bhannine on suspicion of participating in the battles against the army.
18 December 2014, 11:54 Red Cross: 3 people were injured in a car crash in Kfarshima.
18 December 2014, 11:32 NNA: Gunfire from Syria reached the towns of Awainat, al-Khalsah and Kherbet al-Remmman in Akkar.
18 December 2014, 11:01 LBCI: Ahmed Hariri told the relatives of the hostages that al-Mustaqbal movement backs a prisoner swap.
18 December 2014, 10:59 NNA: The Lebanese army targeted militants with mortars in the area of Wadi Ata on the outskirts of Arsal.
18 December 2014, 10:59 VDL (100.5): Suspicion fell on a Mercedes in Tripoli's al-Nour Square.
18 December 2014, 10:58 VDL (100.5): Gunmen opened fire on one of the offices of Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi in Tripoli.
18 December 2014, 10:49 VDL (100.5): The cabinet session went underway at the Grand Serail.
18 December 2014, 10:18 LBCI: A delegation from the families of the hostages headed to the Center House for talks with Ahmed Hariri.
18 December 2014, 10:04 Al-Jadeed: The army and militants engaged in clashes in Wadi Ata in Arsal's outskirts.
18 December 2014, 10:02 VDL (100.5): Four Palestinians were detained in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp for trading with forged currency and with drugs.
18 December 2014, 09:27 VDL (100.5): Army units deployed heavily in Zahle and surrounding areas.
18 December 2014, 09:19 MP Walid Khoury to VDL (93.3): The hostage-takers don't have clear demands. The state has capabilities to negotiate with them.
18 December 2014, 09:11 MP Antoine Zahra to Future TV: We will try with MP Michel Aoun to reach a solution to the presidential deadlock.
18 December 2014, 09:07 MP Serge Tor Sarkissian to VDL (93.3): The Christian sides should meet and take a firm decision regarding the presidential elections.
18 December 2014, 08:52 NNA: A mentally ill man stone-broke the glass facade of a mosque in the town of Shebaa.