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01 September 2014, 10:15 AFP: Pakistani security forces cleared protesters from state TV.

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01 September 2014, 10:13 ISF detained 21 people for committing various crimes throughout Lebanese territories.
01 September 2014, 09:54 MTV: EDL contract workers held protests at the company's different branches to resolve their case.
01 September 2014, 09:49 MP Atef Majdalani to Future TV: Berri prioritized the election of a new president and then the activation of the constitutional institutions.
01 September 2014, 09:41 MP Hadi Hbeish to VDL (93.3): There is a united front against terrorism.
01 September 2014, 08:40 NNA: The Israeli army is carrying out military exercises in the occupied Shebaa Farms area.
01 September 2014, 08:15 Al-Mustaqbal Movement official Mustafa Allouch to VDL (100.5): The terrorist groups are manipulating the situation in Lebanon.
01 September 2014, 07:20 VDL (93.3): The Tripoli highway was blocked at the Qalamoun area by the relatives of the kidnapped soldiers.
01 September 2014, 07:06 The Lebanese Red Cross: Two people were wounded when their car flipped over at dawn on Nahr al-Kalb highway.
31 August 2014, 21:10 Al-Jadeed quoting Muslim Scholars Committee sources: The reports coming from Arsal's plains are promising and we might hear good news soon.
31 August 2014, 20:44 PM Salam after security meeting: I hope the efforts will lead to releasing all the abductees and the specialized ministerial panel is carrying on with its work away from the spotlight in order to end the tragedy.
31 August 2014, 20:32 Berri on Palestine: Our bet is on the unity of the Palestinians so that we can confront the fragmentation that is being plotted for the region.
31 August 2014, 20:31 Berri on Syria: The fight against terrorism requires a unified stance and there can only be a political solution.
31 August 2014, 20:29 Berri: Lebanon is bigger than any plot and there is no need to fear for it.
31 August 2014, 20:28 Berri: Now is the time to transit to a real state and to devise a roadmap to implement the Taef Accord instead of manipulating it. It's time to stop the policy of paralyzing the state by a certain institution at the expense of another institution.
31 August 2014, 20:22 Berri: Resolutions are needed to support the sovereignty of some countries and their people and territorial integrity. The weapons of the Lebanese army must be boosted through the first Saudi donation and the second one must be utilized in order to give the army modern arms.
31 August 2014, 20:21 Berri: Terrorism is threatening Lebanon, the Gulf, Jordan and Syria and the movement of militants and arms through some countries' airports must stop.
31 August 2014, 20:21 Berri: This horrible international silence in the face of terrorism will lead to tragedies.
31 August 2014, 20:20 Berri: Confronting terrorism is not the responsibility of Sunnis, confronting aggression is not the responsibility of Shiites and confronting the displacement of minorities is not the responsibility of Christians. Everyone must shoulder the responsibility.
31 August 2014, 20:19 Berri: Diversity and national unity are a necessity in order to confront terrorism, the same as they were a weapon in the confrontation against the Israeli aggression. The fight against terrorism needs national mobilization and a culture combating fanaticism and terrorism.
31 August 2014, 20:18 Berri: Let us close ranks in order to put an end to strife and divisions.
31 August 2014, 20:18 Berri: A new chapter can start with the election of a new president ... The election of a president would open the door to parliamentary elections and launch a political process that is needed in the confrontation against the transnational terrorism.
31 August 2014, 20:17 Berri: The election of a new president should be a priority because the confidence of citizens and the world in Lebanon would erode should we continue our failure to elect a president.
31 August 2014, 20:16 Berri: Ever since I assumed the leadership of parliament and the AMAL Movement, I have been following up in the case, in the media as well as diplomatically and politically.
31 August 2014, 20:15 Berri: I salute the Higher Islamic Shiite Council and the lawyers of the imam's family.
31 August 2014, 20:14 Berri: I salute the Lebanese media outlets and Iran, which is following up on the case.
31 August 2014, 20:13 Berri: A personal lawsuit has been filed against new defendants belonging to the Gadhafi regime.
31 August 2014, 20:13 Berri: The Judicial Council is still looking into part of the case.
31 August 2014, 20:12 Berri: We mulled alternative plans and we won't stand idly by.
31 August 2014, 20:12 Berri: The MoU also contained a Libyan pledge to open the doors of cooperation and take all measures needed to inspect likely locations and speed up the steps, but unfortunately the situation collapsed in Libya.
31 August 2014, 20:11 Berri: A memorandum of understanding was signed and it most importantly contained the Libyan side's acknowledgement that the abduction crime took place in Libya and that the story of traveling to Italy is a fabrication.
31 August 2014, 20:11 Berri: Our cause is a just cause and the committee visited Libya following the fall of the tyrant. Meetings were held with figures that possess information but we must note that we are making a state-to-state approach.
31 August 2014, 20:10 Berri: A committee was formed and it spared no effort, basing its work on several principles, topped by pressing for the liberation of the imam and his two companions. An ambassador was delegated to Libya but there won't be any normalization with Libya before it cooperates with us in the case. We call on the media to closely follow up on the case and we stress that this is an Arab, Islamic and humanitarian issue. There is no room for private interests or bargaining.
31 August 2014, 20:08 Berri addressing the Lebanese: I stand on the podium of loyalty to Imam al-Sadr to reveal to you details related to his disappearance.
31 August 2014, 20:08 Berri addressing al-Sadr: You have the letters of Palestine and its historic plight that triumphed in Gaza.
31 August 2014, 20:06 Berri: You started confronting Israel's state terrorism, calling for resistance to deter the aggression against the country and the society. You called for ending injustice and for dialogue.
31 August 2014, 20:05 Speaker Nabih Berri in a speech marking the 36th anniversary of Imam Moussa al-Sadr's disappearance: Our story with you started with the story of marginalization, monopolization and the deprivation of the South, Akkar, Bekaa, Dinniyeh, the mountains of Keserwan and Jbeil and the suburbs of cities. It is the story of the aggression that keeps targeting the South. It has been our story since decades.
31 August 2014, 19:40 Justice Minister Rifi before security meeting: Delicate efforts are underway in a manner that would preserve the state's dignity and return all the security personnel.
31 August 2014, 19:40 Future TV: The meeting is still underway at the Grand Serail in the presence of the ministers of justice, interior and defense and a statement will be issued after the meeting.
31 August 2014, 18:27 A security meeting got underway at the Grand Serail under the chairmanship of PM Tammam Salam.
31 August 2014, 17:09 Zureiqat addressing families of captive Lebanese troops: The battle has not yet started in Lebanon, so don't let your sons be a shield for Iran's party (Hizbullah), which is offering them as sacrifices to satisfy (Iran's) Velayat-e faqih.
31 August 2014, 16:57 Abdullah Azzam Brigades spokesman Sirajeddine Zureiqat addressing the families of captive Lebanese troops on Twitter: You must know that had it not been for Hizbullah and its foolish acts, your sons would not have been taken captive.
31 August 2014, 16:54 MTV: Gunfire from an unknown source has been heard in Arsal's Ras al-Sarj area and the army has gone on alert.
31 August 2014, 16:51 Al-Manar: An Israeli infantry unit seized a herd of cattle in the al-Shahl area inside the Lebanese Shebaa Farms.
31 August 2014, 15:57 Deputy head of Hizbullah's Executive Council Nabil Qaouq: The takfiri threat against Lebanon is real and those underestimating it are harming the higher national interest.
31 August 2014, 15:32 National News Agency: State Security agents seized a Honda SUV with no registration papers in Akkar's al-Nsoub after it was brought from Syria into Arsal around 5 months ago.
31 August 2014, 13:25 One of the released soldiers, Ibrahim Shaaban, revealed that soldier Ali al-Sayyed, who was allegedly beheaded by Islamists, is still alive.
31 August 2014, 12:09 Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi demanded that investigations be carried out to discover those behind the burning of crosses on Saturday.
31 August 2014, 11:53 PM Tammam Salam will chair a security meeting at 6:00 pm to discuss the latest developments.
31 August 2014, 11:27 Security forces arrested 85 people throughout Lebanon for committing various crimes.
31 August 2014, 11:26 OTV: The army deployed heavily in Tripoli's al-Qobbeh neighborhood after leaflets were distributed at churches warning that ISIL may attack.
31 August 2014, 10:46 Saniora: We are prepared to hold talks to reach an agreement over a president who enjoys the support of all powers.
31 August 2014, 10:45 Saniora: The president should represent national unity, respect the constitution and Baabda Declaration, and unite the people.
31 August 2014, 10:44 Saniora: Electing a new president should be a priority.
31 August 2014, 10:43 Saniora: There can be no arms outside the authority of the state.
31 August 2014, 10:43 Saniora: We support a state of law and back the security forces and Lebanese army.
31 August 2014, 10:42 Saniora: We support a Lebanon of coexistence.
31 August 2014, 10:39 Saniora: I am a Lebanese Arabist Muslim who does not share any common trait with those who claim to be followers of Islam and commit crimes in its name.
31 August 2014, 10:34 Saniora: All forms of terrorism are one and the same and it targets all sides.
31 August 2014, 10:33 Saniora: We would not have reached this stage had the Syrian regime not practiced terrorism and had we not intervened in the Syria war.