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19 September 2018, 21:54 Nasrallah: No one can eliminate anyone in Lebanon and we must preserve the atmosphere of dialogue and calm.
19 September 2018, 21:53 Nasrallah: Obstruction and paralysis are engulfing the cabinet formation process and no solution is looming in the horizon.
19 September 2018, 21:37 Nasrallah: A lot of Israeli attacks on Syria have nothing to do with arms transfers to Hizbullah and Israel is seeking to prevent Syria from obtaining missile capabilities.
19 September 2018, 21:34 Nasrallah: The continuous Israeli aggression against Syria is being carried out under various excuses and claims that Iran is arming Hizbullah in Latakia are totally baseless.
19 September 2018, 21:32 Nasrallah: No one can force us to withdraw from Syria and as long as the Syrian leadership needs us we will stay there.
19 September 2018, 21:22 Nasrallah: Before convincing yourselves, you must convince Daesh and al-Nusra that the events in Syria and Iraq are internal affairs.
19 September 2018, 21:19 Nasrallah: Had Daesh seized control of Syria, what would have Lebanon's fate been?
19 September 2018, 21:17 Nasrallah: Dissociation is a serious controversial issue in Lebanon, seeing as the events in the region are critical for the Lebanese people.
19 September 2018, 21:16 Nasrallah: Lebanon cannot be separated from what's happening in the region, which is something fateful for Lebanon.
19 September 2018, 21:13 Nasrallah: America is pushing for naturalization to serve Israel's interest.
19 September 2018, 21:12 Nasrallah: The U.S. administration has even threatened to take measures against the International Criminal Court.
19 September 2018, 21:12 Nasrallah: The U.S. interferes in all the internal affairs of the countries, even in the affairs of world powers such as Russia and France.
19 September 2018, 21:10 Nasrallah: America is threatening the peoples of the region through imposing sanctions on them.
19 September 2018, 21:10 Nasrallah: The U.S. is the real problem in the region and even Israel is a tool in the U.S. project.
19 September 2018, 21:09 Nasrallah: Saudi Arabia started the war in Yemen and announced its objectives, with U.S. support and assistance.
19 September 2018, 21:07 Nasrallah: Hasn't the U.S. brought the terrorist groups into the region to destroy it? Is this in the interest of the peoples of the region?
19 September 2018, 21:06 Nasrallah: Is America a friend of the Palestinian people as it fights them to deprive them of their right to have their own state? Is America's boycott of UNRWA in the interest of Palestinians and Lebanese?
19 September 2018, 21:04 Nasrallah: I ask the Lebanese who oppose our stance on the U.S. administration if they can present evidence to prove that it is a friend of our country.
19 September 2018, 21:01 Nasrallah: We consider the U.S. administration an enemy while some in the region and Lebanon consider it a friend and ally.