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29 May 2016, 22:12 MTV: Nicolas Raad was wounded in the leg by celebratory gunshots in the Zgharta town of Ardeh.
29 May 2016, 22:07 MTV: The list backed by the FPM and the LF is in the lead in Qoubaiyat, after more than 60% of ballot boxes were counted.
29 May 2016, 22:05 Minister Harb to al-Jadeed: We expect to win by a landslide in Tannourine.
29 May 2016, 22:03 Al-Jadeed: The LF-backed list is leading by around 500 votes in Bsharri after ballots from 11 out of 29 polling stations were counted.
29 May 2016, 22:01 Reports: Giscard Saad was wounded in the town of Ardeh by celebratory gunshots fired from Zgharta's Alma.
29 May 2016, 21:59 Al-Jadeed: The list backed by Minister Harb is leading by a large number of votes in Tannourine, according to early results.
29 May 2016, 21:58 VDL (100.5): The Tripoli list backed by Miqati, Hariri, Safadi and Karami is leading by a large number of votes according to early results.
29 May 2016, 21:49 Minister Rifi to al-Jadeed: The results are positive according to early indications and we are leading by a landslide in all areas where we have supporters.
29 May 2016, 21:47 Minister Rifi to al-Jadeed: Rifaat Eid asked his supporters to vote in the final hours in order not to provoke our voters.
29 May 2016, 21:05 MTV: The list backed by the LF, the FPM and the families has won the elections in the Batroun town of Asia.
29 May 2016, 21:04 Interior Ministry: Voter turnout reached 45.3 percent in the municipal elections in the North and Akkar and no shootings or injuries were recorded.
29 May 2016, 20:47 MTV: The eight-member list backed by Hbeish, al-Daher and Kataeb has won the mayoral elections in Qoubaiyat.
29 May 2016, 20:42 Voter turnout was 26.9% in Tripoli, 43.8% in Koura, 54.4% in Batroun, 57.2% in Minieh-Dinniyeh, 61.6% in Akkar, 36.6% in Bsharri and 36.68% in Zgharta.
29 May 2016, 19:56 LBCI: Supporters of Minister Butros Harb are optimistic that they will win the elections in Tannourine.
29 May 2016, 19:23 Polling stations are still open in some Tripoli areas due to the presence of voters within their premises.
29 May 2016, 19:03 Media reports: Supporters of the Arab Democratic Party were asked to head to polling stations en masse at 5:00 pm to vote in favor of Tripoli's political coalition list.
29 May 2016, 19:00 Polling stations have closed in the North and Akkar governorates.
29 May 2016, 18:56 National News Agency: Residents rescued a Syrian child whose father was trying to drown in the sea off Tripoli's el-Mina.
29 May 2016, 18:48 Voter turnout at 6:00 pm was 20% in Tripoli, 42.4% in Koura, 50.5% in Batroun, 54.1% in Minieh-Dinniyeh, 47.9% in Akkar, 35.1% in Bsharri and 34% in Zgharta.
29 May 2016, 18:07 Voter turnout at 5:00 pm was 18.8% in Tripoli, 39.9% in Koura, 47.2% in Batroun, 48.5% in Minieh-Dinniyeh, 43.2% in Akkar, 34% in Bsharri and 31.8% in Zgharta.
29 May 2016, 17:59 Interior Ministry: The electoral process was briefly suspended in the Zgharta town of Deir Ashash after a fistfight erupted inside a polling station.
29 May 2016, 17:43 MTV: A dispute erupted at a polling station between MP Hadi Hbeish and members of the Hakmeh family after they saw him giving ballots to several voters.
29 May 2016, 17:16 National News Agency: Polling has resumed in Akkar's Bourj al-Arab after the head of the polling station was replaced following an objection from the representatives of one of the lists.
29 May 2016, 17:15 LADE: A major security incident occurred in Deir Ashash in the Zgharta district and a state of chaos is engulfing the polling stations and the areas around them.
29 May 2016, 17:12 Voter turnout at 4:00 pm was 16.2% in Tripoli, 37.5% in Koura, 42% in Batroun, 43.2% in Minieh-Dinniyeh, 38.3% in Akkar, 31.5% in Bsharri and 29.2% in Zgharta.
29 May 2016, 17:07 Ex-MP Mustafa Alloush to MTV: Rifi rejected the distribution of shares because he wanted the entire share for himself and this is his right, but launching false accusations against people will put his credibility at stake.
29 May 2016, 16:14 Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections: The Justice and Equality list is buying votes for $50, LBP100,000 or mobile phone recharge cards at the Rafik Hariri High School in Bebnin.
29 May 2016, 16:09 MTV: Voter turnout at 3:00 pm was 14.3% in Tripoli, 34.3% in Koura, 36.5% in Batroun, 40.1% in Minieh-Dinniyeh, 34.75% in Akkar, 28.6% in Bsharri and 27.5% in Zgharta, with an overall average of 30.9%.
29 May 2016, 16:06 Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections: A number of voters were seen casting their votes and then handing over their IDs to the representatives of the “Qoubaiyat Decides” list.
29 May 2016, 15:26 Al-Jadeed: Voter turnout at 2:00 pm was 11.8% in Tripoli, 30.6% in Koura, 34% in Batroun, 38.6% in Minieh-Dinniyeh, 30% in Akkar, 25.6% in Bsharri and 34.5% in Zgharta.
29 May 2016, 15:22 National News Agency: Two people were arrested in the town of Aitou on charges of paying electoral bribes.
29 May 2016, 14:43 Mashnouq to al-Jadeed: So far the final round of the municipal elections are excellent and the voter turnout is very high.
29 May 2016, 13:36 MP Sethrida Geagea after casting her vote in Bcharre: We need the votes of the locals to demonstrate that we are still pursuing the course we started 30 years ago.
29 May 2016, 12:52 Former PM Najib Miqati after casting his vote in Tripoli: Rifi is a part of the city and no one can eliminate him.
29 May 2016, 11:47 Mashnouq arrived at the residence of Mufti Shaar.
29 May 2016, 11:35 Rifi: This is the first time that I practice my right to vote after no longer being a member of the military.
29 May 2016, 11:32 Minister Ashraf Rifi cast his vote in the municipal polls in Tripoli.
29 May 2016, 11:31 TMC: Four people were wounded in a collision between a car an a passenger van on the Halba-Qoubaiyat main road.
29 May 2016, 11:30 Voter turnout by 10:00 a.m. reached 4.7 percent in Tripoli, 10.7 percent in al-Koura, 11.4 percent in al-Batroun, 12.7 percent in al-Minieh-Dinnieh, 10.8 percent in Akkar, 8 percent in Bcharre, and 11.4 percent in Zgharta.
29 May 2016, 11:23 Al-Jadeed: The elections have not gotten underway in the majority of Wadi Khaled towns because the heads of the polling stations did not arrive at their destinations.
29 May 2016, 11:03 MP Suleiman Franjieh after casting his vote in Zgharta: The parliamentary polls are political and the municipal ones have development goals.
29 May 2016, 11:00 Interior Ministry: We have so far received 210 complaints linked to the municipal polls.
29 May 2016, 10:47 Former Minister Faisal Karami after casting his vote in Tripoli: The staging of the elections in light of the regional developments reflects positively on Lebanon.
29 May 2016, 10:43 Minister Roni Araiji after casting his vote in Zgharta: The agreement between the Franjieh and Mouawwad families is aimed at easing political tensions.
29 May 2016, 10:42 MTV: Mashnouq arrived at the Tripoli Serail.
29 May 2016, 10:41 MTV: Voter turnout in Qoubaiyat reached 20 percent so far.
29 May 2016, 10:25 Hbeish: Our sole reservation over the other electoral list in Qoubaiyat is that it was formed from outside the town. A victory for our list will be a victory for residents of the town.
29 May 2016, 10:24 MP Hadi Hbeish after casting his vote in Qoubaiyat: I hope that voters will be motivated by municipal interests, not political ones.
29 May 2016, 10:13 FM Jebran Bassil after casting vote in Batroun: We hope that everyone will vote for the list we are backing.
29 May 2016, 10:00 Interior Ministry: Voter turnout in al-Minieh-Dinnieh reached 4.5 percent, 7.5 percent in Akkar, 4.9 percent in Bcharre, and 5 percent in Zgharta.
29 May 2016, 10:00 MP Mohammed Kabbara after casting his vote in Tripoli: There is no purpose for consensus in the city except in achieving growth.
29 May 2016, 09:44 Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq kicked off a tour of the North and Akkar to inspect the municipal elections process.
29 May 2016, 09:44 VDL (93.3): The voter turnout in Qoubaiyat reached 15 percent so far.
29 May 2016, 09:08 Mufti of Tripoli and Akkar Sheikh Malek al-Shaar: We hope that the municipal elections will be followed by presidential and parliamentary ones.
29 May 2016, 07:35 NNA: Shots were fired during an individual dispute over the municipal polls erupted in Bourj al-Arab and the security forces intervened to contain it.
29 May 2016, 07:30 Polling stations opened in the municipal elections in the North and Akkar.