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03 August 2015, 14:12 The Energy and Water ministry warned all municipalities from random land filling operations because it could contaminate the groundwater.
03 August 2015, 13:47 Abou Faour: The political powers hold the solution to the crisis.
03 August 2015, 13:46 Abou Faour: The Health Ministry does not have a solution to the garbage crisis, but it has ways to confront it.
03 August 2015, 13:46 Abou Faour: Cholera is spread from one person to another and it is linked to personal hygiene.
03 August 2015, 13:45 Abou Faour: We have heard reports over the spread of cholera and it is a current threat. Several cholera cases were detected at the airport and they have been contained.
03 August 2015, 13:41 Abou Faour: I urge the government to take the fastest solution, which is exporting the waste.
03 August 2015, 13:41 Abou Faour: It is my duty as minister to warn of the current and future threats facing us in this matter and time is not on our side in resolving this problem.
03 August 2015, 13:39 Abou Faour: The Karantina dump is located near a flour mill which poses a threat to its production and we also warn of the threat of rodents and other pests in the area.
03 August 2015, 13:38 Abou Faour: The airport dump poses health threats to residential areas.
03 August 2015, 13:37 Abou Faour: The Health Ministry inspected the dumps near the Rafik Hariri International Airport and the one near Karantina.
03 August 2015, 13:37 Abou Faour: Exporting the garbage will take time.
03 August 2015, 13:37 Abou Faour: The arbitrary dumps that were established are beginning to reach their capacity.
03 August 2015, 13:35 Health Minister Wael Abou Faour during press conference: It appears that we are facing a long-term problem over waste disposal.
03 August 2015, 13:18 Al-Mustaqbal bloc leader MP Fouad Saniora met with Defense Minister Samir Moqbel.
03 August 2015, 13:12 Speaker Nabih Berri is holding talks at Ain el-Tineh with MP Michel al-Murr.
03 August 2015, 12:15 PM Tammam Salam met with UNHCR Representative Mireille Girard.
03 August 2015, 12:06 Ibrahim according to VDL (93.3): We are not holding negotiations with the servicemen’s kidnappers as we are awaiting al-Nusra Front to announce if it wants to implement the deal.
03 August 2015, 11:56 LBCI: Health inspectors closed an unlicensed optic shop in Sidon's Spinneys.
03 August 2015, 11:21 TMC: An individual was injured after being hit by a vehicle on the main road of Faitroun.
03 August 2015, 11:13 VDL (93.3): Prime Minister Tammam Salam is holding a meeting with General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim.
03 August 2015, 11:04 VDL (100.5): The highway leading to Shehim has been reopened.
03 August 2015, 10:23 TMC: An individual was injured in a car accident in Sidon's al-Bramiyeh area.
03 August 2015, 09:54 NNA: An Israeli drone overflew the area of Marjayoun.
03 August 2015, 08:55 LBCI: Youth from Iqlim al-Kharroub blocked the Anout-Shehim highway with trash protesting how nearby villages are throwing the garbage in a random manner on the side of the road.
03 August 2015, 08:51 MP Atef Majdalani to VDL (93.3): No country will receive the garbage that has been accumulating for over 11 days because it lacks the required standards.
03 August 2015, 08:34 VDL (100.5): Operations in search for three-year-old Mahdi Salameh who disappeared on Sidon's public beach continue.
03 August 2015, 08:30 MP Ammar Houri to VDL (100.5): I addition to the trash crisis there is an electricity crisis as well.
03 August 2015, 08:26 MP Atef Majdalani to VDL (93.3):Exporting the wastes is only a partial solution. It is necessary to find landfills and waste sorting plants away from political disputes.
03 August 2015, 08:16 ISF said it arrested 34 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.
03 August 2015, 08:15 TMC: An individual was injured after being hit by a vehicle on the main road of Fanar.
03 August 2015, 07:41 LBCI: The Lebanese army carried out a raid in Horsh Harar in search for H.T. who is wanted for killing his son.
02 August 2015, 22:02 National News Agency: Young men from the city of Sidon have blocked the seaside road with trash dumpsters in protest at water and power cuts.
02 August 2015, 17:02 VDL (100.5): The severe power rationing in the South was caused by the breakdown of 2 out of 3 units at the Zahrani power plant and the supply will return to normal on Wednesday evening.