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24 April 2014, 13:33 Lavrov: We will have relations with any new Lebanese president elected by the parliament.
24 April 2014, 13:32 Lavrov: Lebanon is a complicated country and the constitution should be respected by everyone.
24 April 2014, 13:32 State security arrested a man in the Bekaa wanted for committing theft, opening fire and for drug abuse and trade.
24 April 2014, 13:30 Bassil: We welcome Russia to participate in oil and gas exploration.
24 April 2014, 13:29 Bassil: Syrian refugees should return to their country in safe conditions.
24 April 2014, 13:27 Bassil: The Lebanese army and the state took a decision to confront terrorism.
24 April 2014, 13:26 Bassil: Russia could play an important role in maintaining stability in Lebanon and the region.
24 April 2014, 13:23 Lavrov: We will help Lebanon overcome its economic and social crises that increased because of the Syrian refugees on its territories.
24 April 2014, 13:22 Lavrov: We will support the LAF that are working on reinforcing stability in Tripoli and the Bekaa.
24 April 2014, 13:21 Russian FM Lavrov during a joint press conference with visiting FM Jebran Bassil: We reiterated our stance regarding Lebanon's unity and sovereignty.
24 April 2014, 12:47 VDL (100.5): Army Chief Jean Qahwaji inspected military units deployed in the northern city of Tripoli.
24 April 2014, 12:46 Derek Plumbly stressed from the Grand Serail the importance of carrying out the presidential elections within the constitutional timeframe to maintain stability in Lebanon.
24 April 2014, 12:42 The State security bureau handed over to the anti-drug bureau Mohammed M., who was detained in Akkar for the possession of one kilogram of Hashish.
24 April 2014, 12:07 Judge Saqr charged two leaders of armed men and 53 others for belonging to a terrorist network in Bab al-Tabbaneh.
24 April 2014, 12:05 MTV: Financial prosecutor Judge Ali Ibrahim charged an engineer (H.G.) at the Beirut Municipality with bribery and embezzlement of public funds. He referred the case to the First Investigating judge in Beirut Ghassan Owaidat.
24 April 2014, 12:03 Judge Sawan issued warrants against two ISIL members for carrying out terrorist attacks.
24 April 2014, 11:51 A meeting is underway between PM Tammam Salam and U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly.
24 April 2014, 11:51 Al-Rahi: I hope the same scenario would not be repeated next week.
24 April 2014, 11:51 Al-Rahi: Berri will continue to call for sessions until we elect a president.
24 April 2014, 11:50 Al-Rahi: I hoped Wednesday's session would continue to hold a second round.
24 April 2014, 11:50 Al-Rahi from Beirut Airport: We don't call the head of state a consensual president.
24 April 2014, 11:46 The LF bloc thanked MPs for placing their trust in Geagea, saying it was an essential motive for him to stay in the battle for the presidency.
24 April 2014, 11:27 Al-Rahi: The MPs have a duty to attend the parliamentary sessions because they have been elected by the people.
24 April 2014, 11:26 Al-Rahi: We should not insult each other every time there is a political event. Lebanon is based on partnership.
24 April 2014, 11:26 Al-Rahi: The strength of the next president lies in being acceptable by all sides.
24 April 2014, 11:26 Al-Rahi hoped there would be quorum next week and every session to enjoy quorum as well so that MPs meet and elect responsibly.
24 April 2014, 11:25 Al-Rahi after meeting Berri: It was necessary for me to meet with the speaker before heading to Rome. We have always been in contact.
24 April 2014, 11:25 Al-Rahi: Some people found the election session negative and others positive. I thanked Berri for calling for the session and for the second round next week.
24 April 2014, 11:08 ISF detained 75 people for committing various crimes throughout Lebanese territories.
24 April 2014, 10:13 VDL (100.5): Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi visited Speaker Nabih Berri in Ain el-Tineh.
24 April 2014, 09:57 Al-Manar: Israeli warplanes overflew southern Lebanon at medium altitude.
24 April 2014, 09:42 Future TV: Reports that the army is defusing a bomb found on the road between the port and Abou Ali roundabout in Tripoli.
24 April 2014, 09:38 NNA: The army blocked the Zahriyeh highway after a bomb exploded near the Suwaiqa police station.
24 April 2014, 09:30 VDL (100.5): A meeting is underway between PM Tammam Salam and German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen.
24 April 2014, 09:03 MP Farid al-Khazen to VDL (93.3): The MP has the right to cast a blank vote. We hope there wouldn't be vacuum.
24 April 2014, 08:36 VDL (100.5): Police detained mediators who negotiate deals between the owners of stolen cars and the thieves.
24 April 2014, 08:33 VDL (100.5): One person was injured in a shooting on Riyaq-Baalbek highway.
24 April 2014, 08:28 MP Ammar Houri to VDL (100.5): Yesterday's events were a step in the right direction.
24 April 2014, 07:36 MP Salim Salhab to VDL (100.5): FPM chief Aoun will not run for presidency if there was no consensus on him.
23 April 2014, 21:58 Three fugitives were arrested at the ISF checkpoint in Dahr al-Baydar.
23 April 2014, 21:58 A man identified as Hisham al-Mays was wounded in the head in Barelias as a dispute with Khaled Araji over traffic priority escalated into gunfire.
23 April 2014, 20:10 Kataeb chief Amin Gemayel to LBCI: I was not a candidate today and Kataeb's MPs voted for Geagea. We don't know who cast the ballot carrying my name and March 14 will hold several meetings to discuss the electoral course.
23 April 2014, 20:06 MP Henri Helou to LBCI: Today's result was good and it was the starting point of openness towards everyone and of accord and dialogue and we're counting on the centrists.
23 April 2014, 19:51 Kataeb sources to OTV: All bloc members voted for Samir Geagea.
23 April 2014, 19:38 Al-Manar: Reports said MP Samer Saade was the one who voted for Kataeb Party leader Amin Gemayel.
23 April 2014, 19:32 FM Bassil left for Russia on a 2-day official visit ahead of a trip to Rome, saying "Lebanon's stability is an additional factor in the region's stability."
23 April 2014, 19:26 National News Agency: A Syrian man has been arrested after he kidnapped a minor girl from Dinniyeh's Kfarhabou with the aim of marrying her.
23 April 2014, 18:31 Hizbullah laid to rest in the Bekaa town of Tamnin al-Tahta fighter Abbas Haidar Rayya, who was killed "while performing his jihadist duty" in Syria.
23 April 2014, 17:38 Ex-PM Fouad Saniora discussed the economic situation with the four deputy central bank governors.
23 April 2014, 16:57 VDL (93.3): Ahmed and Mohammed Darwish were wounded as a dispute with the Shkheidem family erupted into gunfire at the Berqayel intersection in Akkar.
23 April 2014, 15:43 The Army Command confirmed that two rockets fired from the eastern mountain range landed between the towns of Hourtaala and Brital in the Bekaa.