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20 April 2015, 20:51 LBCI: The military court has sentenced Jamal Daftardar to 7 years in jail, Mohammed Bassam Hammoud to 5 years, Shadi Zaylaa and Hussam al-Sabbagh to 2 years, and Omar Bakri Fustoq to 3 years.
20 April 2015, 20:22 LBCI: Education Minister Elias Bou Saab ordered the closure of public and private schools on April 24 on the occasion of the Armenian Genocide anniversary.
20 April 2015, 19:55 LBCI: Families of Roumieh prison inmates reopened the road outside Tripoli's serail, which they had blocked at noon.
20 April 2015, 17:48 LBCI: Judge Saqr referred Khaled Hoblos and 6 other detainees to the army's intelligence directorate for further interrogation.
20 April 2015, 17:48 Hizbullah: Daesh's crime in Libya aims at sparking religious and sectarian wars.
20 April 2015, 17:08 National News Agency: The army arrested 3 people in Akkar on charges of belonging to extremist groups.
20 April 2015, 16:57 LBCI: The army intelligence directorate has arrested Mahmoud Merhi, a supporter of Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir.
20 April 2015, 15:57 MTV: A group of fugitives liberated the detainee A. T. at gunpoint from a Bekaa hospital and they are now being pursued by army intelligence agents.
20 April 2015, 14:43 Al-Jadeed: The army intelligence detained Palestinian female R.D. on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist group.
20 April 2015, 14:41 LBCI: Saudi King Salman is holding talks with visiting head of the Mustaqbal Movement MP Saad Hariri.
20 April 2015, 13:58 VDL (93.3): Former Minister Michel Samaha pleaded guilty to all charges against him.
20 April 2015, 13:57 Civil defense teams extinguished a fire that erupted at a room that contains agricultural and plastic material in the Bekaa town of Anjar.
20 April 2015, 13:25 NNA: Abou Faour referred to the general prosecution the case of child Kassouha.
20 April 2015, 13:15 The Lebanese army said in a communique that three Israeli warplanes violated Lebanon's airspace and staged a circular flight above several areas.
20 April 2015, 12:56 Saniora: The rift between the political arch-foes will increase tension.
20 April 2015, 12:53 Saniora: I stressed the importance of electing a strong president, who can gather the Lebanese.
20 April 2015, 12:52 Saniora: The presidential elections is a matter that concerns all the Lebanese and Arab countries.
20 April 2015, 12:51 Saniora: The degradation of the state and its authority compel the election of a new head state.
20 April 2015, 12:50 Saniora: The ongoing vacuum is impacting the country on several levels.
20 April 2015, 12:49 MP Fouad Saniora from Bkirki: Talks focused on several issues, at the forefront the presidential elections.
20 April 2015, 12:44 VDL (100.5): Speaker Nabih Berri is holding talks with French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian at Ain el-Tineh.
20 April 2015, 12:05 Environment Minister Mohammed Mashnouq from Dar al-Fatwa: The situation among cabinet members is good.
20 April 2015, 12:05 VDL (100.5): Head of the Mustaqbal bloc MP Fouad Saniora arrived at Bkirki for talks with Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi.
20 April 2015, 11:56 Qahwaji: The French weapons are needed by the army during this stage and a necessity given the challenges it is facing.
20 April 2015, 11:47 Health Minister Wael Abou Faour referred to the Lebanese Order of Physicians complaints filed against Hotel Dieu Hospital, Clemenceau Medical Center, and Bhannes Medical Center.
20 April 2015, 11:43 LBCI: The families of the Islamist inmates in Roumieh blocked the road in Tripoli's al-Nour square.
20 April 2015, 11:29 NNA: Health inspectors raided a butchery in Aironiye for failing to meet health standards.
20 April 2015, 11:03 Mashnouq after meeting Salam: The emirate of Roumieh prison will not return and an officer has been tasked with conducting an investigation in Friday's riot.
20 April 2015, 10:42 VDL (93.3): Salam is holding talks with Mashnouq at the Grand Serail.
20 April 2015, 10:37 The STL trial against al-Jadeed and Karma al-Khayat resumed at The Hague.
20 April 2015, 10:26 Mashnouq from Roumieh: The riot is over and it will not happen again.
20 April 2015, 10:25 VDL (100.5): The army intensified its movements inside Shebaa Farms and along the border, amid the overflights of drones in the Golan Heights and nearby area.
20 April 2015, 10:02 Le Drian: The second batch of weapons will arrive in Lebanon next month.
20 April 2015, 09:59 Moqbel: The case of the Iranian grant is linked to the cabinet and the lifting of sanctions by the U.N. Security Council.
20 April 2015, 09:57 Moqbel: The Lebanese army is ready to accept any unconditional grant by any country.
20 April 2015, 09:54 Le Drian: The military aid further enhances the friendship between Lebanon and France.
20 April 2015, 09:53 Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq arrived at Roumieh Prison to oversee the security operation there.
20 April 2015, 09:53 VDL (100.5): PM Tammam Salam is chairing a meeting for the telecom committee.
20 April 2015, 09:51 Le Drian: 60 French officers will arrive in Lebanon to train troops and carry out training sessions.
20 April 2015, 09:51 Le Drian: The new capabilities offered to Lebanon surpass the equipment grants, it will also include training and restructuring of the Lebanese army.
20 April 2015, 09:47 Le Drian: France will oversee the implementation of the Saudi deal over a timeframe of 10 years.
20 April 2015, 09:46 Le Drian: We aim at modernizing and restructuring the security forces to enable it to enter a new era of leading military operations.
20 April 2015, 09:45 Le Drian: The army plays a significant role in Lebanon, in particular in its war against terrorism.
20 April 2015, 09:44 Le Drian: In 2010 we agreed with Saudi Arabia to boost the capabilities of the Lebanese army.
20 April 2015, 09:44 Le Drian: Amid the delicate situation Lebanon and its allies are seeking to safeguard its stability.
20 April 2015, 09:44 Le Drian: The Lebanese army is paying the price of the war, and France will always support it.
20 April 2015, 09:43 Le Drian: Lebanon is undergoing pressure by the IS and al-Nusra Front, which constitutes a real challenge.
20 April 2015, 09:41 French Defense Minister Le Drian: Amid the latest deterioration in the situation in the region, France reaffirms its decision to preserve stability in Lebanon.
20 April 2015, 09:34 Moqbel praised the efforts by Lebanon's allies to bolster the army capabilities, in particular the United States.
20 April 2015, 09:34 Moqbel thanked Saudi Arabia and former President Michel Suleiman, who was seeking to arm the military and support it.
20 April 2015, 09:33 Defense Minister Samir Moqbel hailed the visit of his French counterpart to Lebanon: It indicates Lebanon's importance amid the stage the country is passing through.
20 April 2015, 09:28 French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian arrived at Beirut airport's airbase.
20 April 2015, 09:23 Senior officials began arriving at Beirut Rafik Hariri International Airport to attend the ceremony of French arms delivery to Lebanese authorities.
20 April 2015, 09:04 Security forces arrested 61 individuals throughout Lebanon for committing various crimes.
20 April 2015, 08:35 MP Michel Moussa to VDL (100.5): Linking the new state-budget to legislation will be a rocky process.
20 April 2015, 08:00 MP Nabil De Freije to VDL (100.5): There are no differences over the new state budget draft-law between the rivals.
20 April 2015, 07:24 LBCI: A security operation kicked off in Roumieh prison's block D at 6:00 am and inmates tried to prevent security forces from entering by burning mattresses.