Live News

26 July 2016, 20:28 MTV: Michel Samaha and Ahmed al-Asir have been taken out of the Rihaniyeh prison in preparation for being transferred to the Roumieh prison.
26 July 2016, 18:46 LBCI: An altercation erupted between Hassan Yaaqoub's bodyguards and army troops at the Ablah checkpoint.
26 July 2016, 17:14 Change and Reform bloc: Lebanon should coordinate with Syria over the refugees, in cooperation with the U.N.
26 July 2016, 17:13 Change and Reform bloc: We do not want an “internationalization” of the presidential vote.
26 July 2016, 16:53 Ex-PM Hariri: We condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist crimes that are targeting France and the friendly European nations in particular as well as any terrorist crime anywhere in the world.
26 July 2016, 15:58 Geagea: Persuading ex-PM Hariri of General Aoun's nomination would be an important step, seeing as Hizbullah is not serious about endorsing the General's bid.
26 July 2016, 15:48 Geagea: The strategic problem in the presidential issue is that Iran wants vacuum because it serves its strategic calculations.
26 July 2016, 15:44 LF leader Samir Geagea to MTV: The era of hegemony has ended but the “angels of the era of hegemony” are still controlling state institutions, seeing as we have been without a president for two years and four months now.
26 July 2016, 13:14 A meeting is underway in Bnashii between US Ambassador Elizabeth Richard and Marada Movement chief MP Suleiman Franjieh.