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23 February 2017, 19:38 MTV: The cabinet session has ended and the discussion of the draft state budget will continue on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
23 February 2017, 17:56 Mahmoud Abbas after meeting Aoun: Our sons are guests in Lebanon until their certain return to their homeland Palestine and we're keen that they dissociate themselves from the region's conflicts.
23 February 2017, 17:50 President Aoun after meeting Palestinian leader Abbas: I stressed the importance of preserving the stability of refugee camps.
23 February 2017, 16:39 Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has arrived at the Baabda Palace for talks with President Michel Aoun.
23 February 2017, 16:30 Gemayel: The new wage scale should be funded through halting the squandering and theft of public money, not through hiking taxes.
23 February 2017, 16:15 Gemayel: It turned out that each group in the government is still clinging to its viewpoint on arms and stability and that there is no agreement on an electoral law. They are still searching for a mechanism that enables them to return to power and monopolize power.
23 February 2017, 16:12 Gemayel: The ruling class agreed on splitting gains and passing the oil decrees while a vision for Lebanon's future was not among their priorities, that's why we are before a dilemma and a real threat to the country.
23 February 2017, 16:09 Gemayel: We have reached a critical juncture and the deadline for calling the electoral bodies to prepare for elections has passed and all the choices ahead are bad.
23 February 2017, 16:08 Kataeb chief Sami Gemayel: Kataeb is worried over the situation we're going through and we're concerned about the country and its stability.
23 February 2017, 15:47 MTV: A state of high tension is engulfing the Ain el-Hilweh camp after heavy gunfire wounded one person on al-Fawqani street.
23 February 2017, 15:43 PM Hariri: Efforts are underway and will continue to approve a state budget as soon as possible and the economic situation cannot withstand high new taxes.