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06 December 2016, 18:02 President Aoun: We do not have fears over the delay in the cabinet formation process and we hope it will be formed soon so that we achieve the goals we have declared, topped by fighting corruption.
06 December 2016, 17:32 Bassil: We seek to agree with AMAL Movement on a civil state.
06 December 2016, 17:30 Bassil: We agreed with the LF on the return of Christians to the State, not on “the return of the State to Christians.”
06 December 2016, 17:27 Bassil: We agreed with Hizbullah on Lebanon's strength, not on intimidating anyone.
06 December 2016, 17:24 Bassil: We won't accept that the resistance be turned into an excuse to achieve gains and garner ministerial portfolios.
06 December 2016, 17:22 Bassil: We call for the representation of everyone in the government – Kataeb, Marada, SSNP, Arslan and March 8's Sunnis – even in a 24-member cabinet.
06 December 2016, 17:22 Bassil: Our relation with Hizbullah is firm and there won't be a Christian-Shiite rift.
06 December 2016, 17:16 Bassil after meeting of Change and Reform bloc: The discussion over the cabinet goes beyond ministerial portfolios because we are witnessing a new political situation although some are refusing to acknowledge this.