Live News

21 October 2016, 21:31 Geagea: We will not rest before achieving March 14's project.
21 October 2016, 21:21 Geagea after meeting Hariri: Relations between LF and Mustaqbal have returned to the way they were.
21 October 2016, 20:48 MTV: Shells have been discovered in a water well in Choueifat and an army patrol has encircled the site.
21 October 2016, 20:41 LF leader Samir Geagea has arrived at the Center House for talks with ex-PM Saad Hariri.
21 October 2016, 20:25 LF bloc MP George Adwan: Kerry's statement proves that the presidential juncture is Lebanese par excellence and his skepticism increases Aoun's chances.
21 October 2016, 19:56 MTV: Aoun is reassured regarding the choices of Jumblat, who has told Berri that he cannot oppose the choices of Christians, Sunnis and a part of Shiites.
21 October 2016, 16:10 Ex-PM Hariri has arrived at the Directorate General of ISF to take part in a ceremony marking the 4th anniversary of Wissam al-Hassan's assassination.
21 October 2016, 12:54 Geagea after meeting Aoun: We are in front of a chance to have a president chosen by the Lebanese. The presidential path is going the right way and I am optimistic.
21 October 2016, 08:54 Al-Mustaqbal Movement Secretary General Ahmed Hariri to VDL (100.5): (Mustaqbal leader Saad) Hariri will take a clear stance in the coming hours as for the MPs who boycotted Thursday's speech at the Center House.