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31 January 2015, 19:28 A major blaze erupted at the Aammiq reserve forest in western Bekaa and Civil Defense firefighters are trying to douse the flames.
31 January 2015, 16:57 A personal dispute between two young men erupted into shooting from a hunting rifle in Tripoli's al-Tal area and no casualties were reported.
31 January 2015, 16:32 LBCI: The army raided a farm in the western Bekaa town of al-Rawda, where it discovered sick cows and seized quantities of expired canned foods.
31 January 2015, 16:31 Head of Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Alaeddin Boroujerdi has left Beirut for Iran via Istanbul.
31 January 2015, 15:49 OTV: The casino's board of directors will convene at 8:00 pm.
31 January 2015, 14:31 The residents of Naameh blocked the road calling on the cabinet to back down on its decision to extend the term of the landfill.
31 January 2015, 14:27 Sayyah: I will not announce any stance regarding the Casino du Liban crisis before meeting with all sides.
31 January 2015, 14:00 Saniora: We will continue to work under the umbrella of the state and the constitution.
31 January 2015, 13:58 Saniora: The narrow interests and impunity cause the bloodshed in the Arab countries.
31 January 2015, 13:57 Saniora: We are holding onto equality.
31 January 2015, 13:55 Saniora: It is unacceptable for any side to decide the fate of the Lebanese people and the state authority.
31 January 2015, 13:55 Saniora: Nasrallah's remarks about the rules of engagement are hasty and individual.
31 January 2015, 13:55 Saniora urged the security forces and judiciary authorities to pursue those who fired during Nasrallah's speech.
31 January 2015, 13:54 Saniora: The celebratory gunfire during Nasrallah's speech is unacceptable.
31 January 2015, 13:51 Head of al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc MP Fouad Saniora: We should benefit from opportunities and prioritize the national interests to exit the tunnels that brought only chaos to our country.
31 January 2015, 12:31 VDL (100.5): Bishop Boulos Sayyah held talks with head of the board of directors Hamid Kreidieh.
31 January 2015, 11:58 ISF: A patrol for the judiciary police detained Kh.M. on charges of robbing at gun point and impersonation.
31 January 2015, 10:09 VDL (93.3): A meeting is underway between Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Daryan and a Kuwaiti delegation.
31 January 2015, 09:54 ISF: A suspect identified as Aa.R. was detained on Dahr al-Baydar checkpoint for transferring ammunition and holding a bomb.
31 January 2015, 09:31 TMC: One person was injured when a car flipped over in Ain Saadeh.
31 January 2015, 08:54 ISF detained 61 people for committing various crimes throughout Lebanese territories.
31 January 2015, 07:32 VDL (100.5): The army foiled an attempt by two assailants to detonate a bomb near its checkpoint in Tripoli's Majdlaya and detained the suspects.
30 January 2015, 20:39 Justice Minister Rifi asked the state prosecutor to prosecute those who fired celebratory gunshots and RPGs during Sayyed Nasrallah's speech.