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23 November 2014, 17:25 Israeli PM Netanyahu has warned of a "grave mistake" if France recognizes Palestine as a state.
23 November 2014, 16:47 Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton clinched the Formula One world championship after winning the Abu Dhabi GP.
23 November 2014, 16:17 AP: At least 45 people were killed in a suicide bombing at a volleyball tournament in eastern Afghanistan.
23 November 2014, 15:34 Israeli ministers voted in favor of a controversial proposal to anchor in law Israel's status as the "national homeland of the Jewish people."

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23 November 2014, 16:52 LF bloc MP George Adwan to al-Liwaa: Geagea is willing to compete with Aoun but we cannot oblige others to refrain from nominating themselves.
23 November 2014, 16:29 Palestinian Security Committee: We have not received any information that Shadi al-Mawlawi is present in the Ain el-Hilweh camp.
23 November 2014, 16:27 OTV: The Change and Reform bloc will hold an extraordinary meeting tomorrow at 10:00 am to discuss urgent matters.
23 November 2014, 14:57 LBCI: The Health Ministry inspectors, accompanied by security forces, left the Sabra market after taking food samples.
23 November 2014, 14:57 LBCI: Security forces sealed with red wax Delicious restaurant in Halba, arresting its owner for failing to adhere to Health Ministry orders to stop selling violating food products.
23 November 2014, 14:26 Health Minister Wael Abou Faour to LBCI: I insist on entering the Sabra market and I contacted ISF chief Basbous and head of the popular committee to that end.
23 November 2014, 13:50 LBCI: Assailants attempted to assault the Health Ministry's officials at the Sabra market while they were carrying out a meat inspection tour.
23 November 2014, 13:03 LBCI: Gunmen in three vehicles abducted two women and a child in Tripoli's Dam wal Farz area.
23 November 2014, 12:38 Al-Jadeed: Army Intelligence arrested a suspect in al-Mhammara on suspicion of his involvement in the Bhannine clashes.
23 November 2014, 12:17 PM Tammam Salam received a message from French President Hollande on the occasion of Independence Day, calling for the election of a president as soon as possible.
23 November 2014, 12:09 Gemayel: The Kataeb Party pledges to remain faithful to its history and the blood of its martyrs and those of Lebanon.
23 November 2014, 12:08 Gemayel: The people want a president who would reassure them.
23 November 2014, 12:08 Gemayel: We have long had Lebanon's unity and Muslim-Christian coexistence at heart.
23 November 2014, 12:05 Gemayel: We fear that some unconstitutional practices are aimed at paving the way to altering the Lebanese entity.
23 November 2014, 12:04 Gemayel: We must always remember that Lebanon is an independent entity and it should therefore not be dragged into regional conflicts.
23 November 2014, 12:04 Gemayel: The role of foreign forces in Lebanon is over, so why are we still relying on them when they left our land.
23 November 2014, 12:04 Gemayel: We launch a call to restore Lebanon's independence by the election of a president.
23 November 2014, 12:03 Kataeb chief Amin Gemayel on 78th anniversary of party's formation: We do not represent a passing phase, but we represent all times.
23 November 2014, 11:34 NNA: A meat shop at Tripoli's Abou Ali roundabout was shut.
23 November 2014, 11:21 LBCI: One person was wounded when shots were fired at a vehicle on the Damour highway.
23 November 2014, 10:46 NNA: Three people were wounded in a traffic accident on the al-Zahrani-al-Nabatiyeh road.
23 November 2014, 10:07 MP Ghazi al-Aridi to VDL (93.3): The Arsal captives file is subject to influential local and foreign factors and those who were excessively optimistic were mistaken.
23 November 2014, 07:44 TMC: The Ainata-Cedars road is blocked with snow and the Hadath Baalbek road can be accessed by four-by-four vehicles, while the Dahr al-Baydar road is accessible to all vehicles.
22 November 2014, 22:29 MTV: The army raided a building in Deir Qanoun - Dahr al-Ain and arrested two suspected Syrian men.
22 November 2014, 21:14 Biden, Erdogan Did Not Reach End to Disputes Over Syria
22 November 2014, 18:35 A bomb was found near a children's park in Abi Samra and military experts have reached the place and removed it from the place.