Live News

28 May 2016, 11:07 VDL (93.3): An armed dispute erupted between the Lebanese army and one of the municipal candidates in Akkar and tear gas bombs were used.
28 May 2016, 10:52 VDL (100.5): MP Michel Aoun is holding a meeting with MP Mohammed al-Safadi.
28 May 2016, 10:35 MTV: Wassim al-Masri has died of a drug overdose in the refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh in Sidon.
28 May 2016, 09:51 MP Alain Aoun to VDL (93.3): What is common between the Lebanese Forces and Hizbullah is their support for MP Michel Aoun for the presidency, but they have disagreements on several other political issues.
28 May 2016, 09:09 VDL (100.5): Ballot boxes were distributed to heads of polling stations at the Halba Serail in Akkar.