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Report: Police Looking for Mercedes Used by Suspected Terrorists

Security forces are searching for suspected terrorists using a Mercedes in the northern Akkar district, a report said Friday.

Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) quoted security sources as saying that police are looking for the suspects who are using the white convertible Mercedes CLK.

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Report: Berri Does not Want to Worsen Ties with Aoun

Speaker Nabih Berri has reportedly stressed that he rejects aggravating his relations with Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun but he cannot stand idle to attempts to paralyze state institutions.

Berri told Hizbullah and al-Mustaqbal movement officials that he “does not want to cut ties with him (Aoun) or aggravate them. But that we are in a dangerous stage and we can't stand idle to paralysis,” al-Akhbar daily reported Friday.

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Aoun in Confrontation with Cabinet: Either Consensus or Explosion

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun has warned that the rival parties should either resort to “consensus” or the country's political crisis would “explode.”

“I clearly say today either consensus or explosion. We are targeted,” Aoun told As Safir newspaper in an interview published on Friday.

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Policeman Dead, 2 People Hurt in Bebnin Shooting

A policeman was killed and two people were injured as a family dispute erupted into gunfire in the Akkar town of Bebnin, the National News Agency reported Thursday.

“An unidentified gunman opened fire during a dispute among members of the Khuwailed family in the town of Bebnin,” NNA said.

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Aoun Warns of 'Explosion' over Govt. Conduct, Slams 'Coup against Constitution'

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun warned Thursday that the country will head towards an “explosion” if the government continues what he described as its “coup against the Constitution.”

“It's about time we frankly told people about what's really happening in Lebanon. The behavior of some ministers and MPs is subjecting the country to dangers,” said Aoun at a press conference he held after an extraordinary meeting for his Change and Reform bloc.

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Exam Results of Humanities (LH), Sociology & Economics (SE), Life Science (SV)

For the third year in a row Naharnet is hosting the official exam results for the four sections of Baccalaureate and the Brevet (BR).

Results for the sections of Humanities (LH), Sociology and Economics (SE) and Life Science (SV) were released Wednesday and Thursday.

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Geagea Visits Gemayel, Stresses Need for Communication among All Forces

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Thursday visited the newly-elected chief of the Kataeb Party MP Sami Gemayel at the latter's headquarters in Saifi.

“Bringing together the political forces is necessary in any attempt to make a change and this is the aim of the current contacts,” Geagea announced after the talks.

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Cabinet Convenes after 3-Week Paralysis but Remains Divided

The cabinet convened on Thursday following a three-week suspension but the session witnessed arguments among ministers on several controversial issues, infuriating Prime Minister Tammam Salam.

“We couldn't agree during the cabinet session today. In the absence of a president there is no clear mechanism on the authorities of each minister,” Education Minister Elias Bou Saab said following the session.

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Agencies Say Syrian Children as Young as Six Working in Lebanon

The number of Syrian children being forced to work is increasing with those as young as six reportedly working in some parts of Lebanon, the U.N. children's agency and Save the Children warned on Thursday.

One 13-year-old Syrian refugee, who harvests potatoes in Lebanon, reported having to carry a bag weighing more than 10 kilograms when full and getting beaten with a plastic hose if he left any potato behind, said UNICEF and Save the Children.

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Relatives of Arsal Hostages Block Roads, Urge Government to Prioritize their Cause

The families of the Lebanese hostages blocked two vital roads in and around Beirut on Thursday to draw attention to the almost one-year case of the captives and urge the authorities to prioritize it.

The relatives of the policemen and soldiers, who were taken hostage when jihadists from al-Nusra Front and Islamic State group overran the northeastern border town of Arsal in August last year, blocked the Saifi road in downtown Beirut and the coastal highway in Naameh early Thursday by forming a human chain.

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