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Berri: Don't Waste Time Trying to Convince Me to Vote for Aoun

Speaker Nabih Berri has reportedly stressed that no one should “waste time” trying to convince him to vote for Free Patriotic Movement founder MP Michel Aoun in the October 31 presidential election session.

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Report: Nasrallah Met Berri ahead of Expected Talks with Aoun

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has held a “lengthy” meeting with Speaker Nabih Berri and talks tackled all the developments of the presidential file and Berri's “political and sectarian concerns,” a media report said on Sunday.

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Aoun, Hizbullah Reportedly Reject Postponement of Oct. 31 Voting Session

Free Patriotic Movement founder MP Michel Aoun and his ally Hizbullah have rejected any postponement of the October 31 presidential election session, a media report said on Sunday.

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Reports: Hizbullah Supports Aoun, but Refuses Authority Without Berri

Hizbullah has decided to support its ally MP Michel Aoun in spite of Speaker Nabih Berri's opposition, but the party has also decided not to be in power without the Speaker and stressed commitment to this partnership, An Nahar daily reported on Saturday.

Hizbullah believes that this partnership is taking into consideration not only the unity of the community but is also based on the firm conviction that it falls in the interest of the country, added the daily.

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Report: Berri Told Aoun 'I Will not Vote for You'

Speaker Nabih Berri told presidential hopeful MP Michel Aoun that he will not deprive the upcoming parliament session to elect a president from quorum, but “I will vote against you” in the upcoming elections, an Nahar daily reported on Saturday.

Despite the friendliness that Berri tried to emanate in front of the media cameras during Aoun's visit in Ain el-Tineh, but the Speaker has assured Aoun during their closed meeting talks that he will not vote in his favor, added the daily.

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Conflicting Reports About Saudi Position on Aoun's Nomination

Saudi Arabia did not welcome the latest initiative made by al-Mustaqbal chief Saad Hariri as for endorsing MP Michel Aoun for the post of presidency, An Nahar daily reported on Saturday.

A source close to Riyadh said it received a “negative response” from a senior official in Riyadh as for Hariri's endorsement of the Free Patriotic Movement Aoun, according to the daily.

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Jumblat's Bloc Meets, Decision on Presidential Elections Revealed Next Week

The Democratic Gathering parliamentary bloc will meet on Saturday to discuss the latest developments with regard to the thorny file of the presidency, and to decide for whom to vote during the upcoming election session following the endorsement of MP Michel Aoun by al-Mustaqbal Movement chief Saad Hariri, media reports said.

Chief of the bloc, MP Walid Jumblat called his 11 deputies for a meeting in Mukhtara to decide the bloc's path during the voting process in a parliamentary session scheduled on October 31 to elect a president.

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Geagea Says Ties with Hariri Have 'Returned to How They Were', Vows to 'Achieve March 14 Project'

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea announced Friday that the ties between LF and al-Mustaqbal Movement “have returned to how they were before,” vowing that the two parties will keep exerting efforts to “achieve March 14's project.”

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U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Visits Roumieh Prison

United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Sigrid Kaag visited Friday the Roumieh Prison, her press office said.

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Kerry Not Sure if Hariri's Support of Aoun Will Lead to New President

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry expressed caution on Friday regarding the possibility of electing a new president in Lebanon in the near future, a day after ex-PM Saad Hariri formally endorsed Free Patriotic Movement founder MP Michel Aoun for the presidency.

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