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Tripoli Mother in Intensive Care after Being Beaten by Husband

Bloodied and traumatized, Batoul, a mother of three, was admitted into an intensive care unit Sunday after her husband beat her up and left her along with her child on the side of a road in the northern city of Tripoli.

The woman, whose head was bleeding, stayed for several hours in the street after she was assaulted, according to MTV.

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Fugitive Wounded after Firing at Arsal Army Checkpoint

A man was shot and wounded Sunday after crossing an army checkpoint in the Bekaa border town of Arsal and opening fire at troops.

“Driving a pickup carrying foreign license plates, Kamal Ezzeddine crossed a Lebanese Army checkpoint in the Arsal region and opened fire at its members, who responded in kind,” the army said in a communique.

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Body of Missing 21-Year-Old Woman Found in Okaibe

The dead body of a young woman was found Sunday in the Keserwan area of Okaibe, a day after she went missing from the nearby town of Ajaltoun.

“The corpse of young woman Stephanie Jack al-Zoghbi, 21, was discovered in the Okaibe area after she died in mysterious circumstances,” state-run National News Agency reported.

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Qaouq Says Lebanon Can't Tolerate 'Anti-Resistance, Anti-Syria' President

Deputy head of Hizbullah's Executive Council Sheikh Nabil Qaouq declared Sunday that his party is seeking the election of a Lebanese president who is "feared by Israel," stressing that Lebanon cannot tolerate an "anti-resistance" and anti-Syria president.

"Lebanon is on the eve of a major national juncture that concerns every Lebanese, and Hizbullah is very concerned with the course of this presidential election and it is not neutral or a mere spectator,” Qaouq said.

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Awdeh Calls for Electing New President Within Constitutional Deadline

Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Beirut Elias Awdeh said on Sunday that if a new president was elected within the constitutional deadline then Lebanon would be moving on the right track.

In his Easter sermon at the St. George Cathedral in downtown Beirut Awdeh said that “all vacuum posts in the state should be filled” with competent employees.”

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Al-Rahi Calls in Easter Message on Lawmakers to Elect New President

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi urged on Sunday lawmakers to attend parliamentary sessions to elect a new president, calling on prioritizing Lebanon's national interests.

“MPs should carry out their role to elect a new president,” al-Rahi said during his Easter sermon at Bkirki.

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Parents of New Born Abandoned in Qana Detained

The mother of a newborn, who was abandoned in the southern Lebanese town of Qana, and her husband were detained on Sunday.

“After investigations were carried out police in the south detained Syrian nationals H. H., the mother of the newborn, and her husband B. A. Aa.,” a communique issued by the Internal Security Forces said.

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Report: Hizbullah, Suleiman Relations 'Diplomatic'

The relations between Hizbullah and President Michel Suleiman are merely diplomatic and standard after ties witnessed deterioration over the Baabda Declaration and the people-army-resistance formula, the pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat reported on Sunday.

Sources close to Hizbullah said that the party's stance from Hizbullah is “final and clear.”

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Mustaqbal to Meet LF Monday to Endorse Geagea's Presidential Bid

Al-Mustaqbal movement is expected voice its support for Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea's presidential bid, An Nahar newspaper reported on Sunday, as reports said representatives of the two parties will meet on Monday.

An Nahar said al-Mustaqbal would officially adopt Geagea's candidacy within 48 hours.

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Farmers Targeted with Israeli Gunshots in the South

Israeli forces fired gunshots at farmers in the South on Saturday without causing any injuries.

"Israeli troops targeted four farmers with gunshots in the southern village of Khyam,” the military institution said in a communique on Saturday evening.

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