Lebanese startup launches website putting all banks at your fingertips and aims beyond – Bnooki.com


Bnooki.com allows anyone to find the best loans, accounts and credit cards from almost any bank in Lebanon, compare the results and directly apply

Bnooki SAL proudly announces the launch and upgrade of bnooki.com , the first banking comparison website in Lebanon. Bnooki.com enables consumers to compare a range of products including mortgages, loans, credit cards and accounts from more than 20 banks in Lebanon and submit an application to the one they choose for free.

In addition, Bnooki.com boasts a number of senior banking advisors who offer free online advisory services to anyone wishing to ask questions about banking products. Bnooki.com’s advisors can also help consumers throughout their loan applications procedures from the moment they apply until they get the approval. Such advisory services can accessed directly via the website.

“We are proud to have convinced more than 20 banks in Lebanon to display all details about their retail products including hidden fees and benefits at the disposal of the public on bnooki.com says Elie Boujaoude, the company’s founder and CEO.

Bnooki.com has been online in beta version for slightly less than one year and is now allowing internet users to send more than 500 applications per month to participating banks. This number is expected to exponentially increase as the company introduces its new advisory services and improved features.

In a very short period of time, Bnooki.com managed to gain the praise and attention of the press, the financial authorities and regional investors. Indeed the company got an official clearance letter to operate from the Central Bank of Lebanon (Banque Du Liban) the highest financial authority in the country. It was even featured as one of the most promising startups in an event organized by the Central Bank on December 19th.

Furthermore, Bnooki.com was awarded for Exceptional Entrepreneurial Value in the context of the Global Entrepreneurs Week (GEW) and was selected as one of the top 20 startups in Lebanon.

Most recently Bnooki.com has attracted the attention of leading regional Venture Capital investor MEVP (Middle East Venture Partner) which has provided it with the necessary capital to expand its services across the Arab world and beyond.

Bnooki.com’s expansion plans include offering insurance comparison services allowing anyone to get personalized pricing from several companies and immediately apply online. An investment comparison platform is also planned to be launched in the coming months enabling Lebanese entrepreneurs to find the right investor for them under a new USD 400 Million investment scheme initiated by the Central Bank.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 03 April 2014, 06:38

Great idea! If only our nation would shift into a successful investment instead un successful politics.