Best Practices for Software Developers


Youssef Chaker, Ruby on Rails developer and Agile Consultant, gave a workshop on best practices for software developers at Seeqnce on Feb 23-24.

Who is Youssef Chaker?

He is the cofounder and CTO of (Seeqnce Resident Startup), TEDster, and contributor to the Open Source community.

What was the purpose of this workshop?

The main idea was to teach developers about various techniques and tools used to craft better software. His presentation covered useful theoretical concepts backed up with a number of practical advice, examples, case studies and activities. Attendees were actively involved, providing constructive and valuable feedback.

Let’s summarize the key points of the workshop.

Workshop Day 1

Youssef opened the workshop with a brief intro of himself and his professional background. Next he explained why using best practices help developers to craft better software, what to do/not to do and how to do it. Some of the key concepts he covered are the following:

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