Lebtivity: Share and Discover Events in Lebanon


Launched two weeks ago, the idea behind Lebtivity is very simple: provide a new, easy way to share local events with the Lebanese community and allow them to discover events relevant to their interests.

The site is an innovative option for all those who are looking for a tool that will allow them to share their personal events with people around them.

Using email, text messages or twitter keeps us connected, however there is no easy way to see what people or places that matter to us have going on, say, tomorrow or next week.

With Lebtivity, individuals can see who is playing at their local pub, find out about a buddy who is organizing a hiking trip for the weekend or discover events relevant to their interests.

Randa Farah, Rana Abou Rjeily and Charbel Jamous - three vibrant, young minds behind Lebtivity- visited our offices in Hamra and told us more about the website and why they created a social calendar for events in Lebanon.

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Thumb mona_zirine 06 June 2012, 18:14

Nice idea, but what if i don't have a Facebook account or i don't want to use it? can't I pick an event and just have it syncing with my google calendar or the iPhone calendar?
and the reason why I'm posting this here is because i didn't find a way to give a feedback on the site itself

Default-user-icon Teddy (Guest) 07 June 2012, 17:54

Hi mona,

Connecting with Facebook is a quick and secure way to register as a website user without the hassle of email confirmation. The purpose was to make registration as simple as possible.
As for syncing with your personal calendar, this is an interesting suggestion, which we will take into consideration for future upgrades.

If you wish to contact us or have any further suggestions, please don't hesitate to email us at info@lebtivity.com.

Thanks for your feedback.

Teddy, Lebtivity team member