Natasawak, a Lebanese online shop following Western standards


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Ecommerce is currently experiencing strong growth in the Middle East and a number of online shopping websites have emerged in the past few years., a diversified online shopping platform is currently one of the leading websites in this field and is riding the ecommerce wave in Lebanon and the GCCs. If you have recently seen some image ads promoting discounted brands while browsing Facebook, chances are you have already been exposed to Natasawak’s weekly deals.

Founded by a former Lebanese Googler, an IBM-certified engineer and a former Louis Vuitton employee, Natasawak is a diversified online shopping website offering flash sales, online boutiques and local designer sales. The company mainly sells fashion and lifestyle items including clothing, bags, shoes, watches, accessories but also electronics, DVDs, Blu Rays and delicacies.

Natasawak’s vision for ecommerce in the Middle East is a very ambitious one: “Our goal is to consistently provide internet users in the Middle East with a unique online shopping experience and an excellent customer service similar to Western standards” says Imad Karam, ex Google senior Analyst and CEO of Natasawak.

The flash sales section offers international brands at very high discounts – up to 85% off retail prices in certain cases – for a limited time only, typically a few days to a week.

With about a dozen new flash sales per week, features unique bargain on designer brands such as Converse, Nike, Michael Kors, Armani, CK and many other international fashion brands.

By combining very attractive prices with limited sale durations, Natasawak offers internet users in the Middle East weekly deals that are hard to miss. For example, a Michael Kors bag with an average retail price of 350$ in most physical stores in Beirut cost only 150$ on Natasawak, delivered to the end users’ doorstep.

The online boutique section is another name for permanent online stores of various local and international shops. It features year around deals and attractive online prices and no time constraint is applied to the items, meaning all the offers are permanent. The online boutique is an opportunity for many brick and mortar stores to have their own shop on the internet via Natasawak.

Last but not least, the local designers’ section offers a unique opportunity for all Lebanese and Arab up and coming fashion designers by proposing to create their online store on Natasawak for free and help them promote their young businesses. Many local bag and accessories designers have recently joined the website and Natasawak is contributing to their online marketing as well as promoting their products to the Arab internet community.

With current operations mainly focused in Lebanon, Natasawak is planning to establish an operating hub in the GCC in order to continue its expansion and better serve the Arab market.

By promising the lowest prices on designer brands, short delivery terms as well as an excellent customer service, aims to position itself as the leading online shopping community in the Middle East. For more information, please visit

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