Ali Abdul Karim Ali
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Syria Urges Action after Lebanon MP 'Implicated' in Protests

Syria's ambassador to Beirut urged Lebanese authorities on Thursday to take legal action following allegations a deputy was funding and arming protesters in Syria.

Ali Abdul Karim Ali "requested Lebanon's authorities and judiciary take action ... in order to preserve brotherly ties between the two countries," according to the transcript of an interview with Hizbullah's Intiqad website.

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Syrian Ambassador: Syria-Saudi Effort Ongoing, Results Should Emerge in Lebanon

Syrian ambassador Ali Abdul Karim Ali on Wednesday stressed that the Damascus-Riyadh mediation effort was ongoing.

He said results of this effort should emerge here through the various parties in Lebanon – through their response, consensus and dialogue among themselves away from media spotlight to reach the required results.

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Syrian Ambassador: Lebanese Capable of Working in Country’s Interest

Syrian Ambassador Ali Abdel Karim Ali said Syria backs Lebanese leaders in efforts to find a consensus solution to the Lebanese crisis.

He expressed optimism on the success of the Saudi-Syrian initiative and said the Lebanese “are capable of agreeing and working in Lebanon’s interest.”

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