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Lebanon Throws Support Behind Army as Offensive Against IS Begins

Lebanon threw its support Saturday behind its army after it launched an offensive to eliminate Islamic State jihadists that have been operating for several years in an area close to the Syrian border in the east of the country.

Lebanese nationals and politicians took to social media in a show of support for the army's mission.

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Army Command: No Coordination with Hizbullah or Syrian Army in Offensive

The Lebanese Army stressed on Saturday that there has been “no coordination with Hizbullah or the Syrian military” in its offensive against the Islamic State group, as it assured that the troops are confident that they “will win the battle.”

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Aoun to Field Commanders in Outskirts: We are Looking Forward to Victory

President Michel Aoun followed up on the army's launching of a military offensive against the Islamic State group in the outskirts of Ras Baalbek and al-Qaa from the Ministry of Defense, the National News Agency said on Saturday.

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UN Chief: Saudi Coalition Attacks Killed Children in Yemen

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says in a draft report that the Saudi-led coalition was responsible for more than half the children killed and injured in Yemen's civil war last year.

The report, obtained Thursday by The Associated Press, said the United Nations verified 1,340 casualties and attributed 683 — representing 51 percent — to attacks carried out by the coalition.

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Lebanon Prepares for Syria's Post-War Construction Windfall

The port of Tripoli in northern Lebanon wants the world to know it's ready for business.

British safety managers are training local hires to operate heavy machinery and Chinese technicians are running diagnostics on two new container cranes that tower over the harbor, just 28 kilometers (18 miles) from the Syrian border.

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Army Scores Advancements in Outskirts, Kills Six IS Militants

Lebanon's army have bombarded the posts of Islamic State group extremists on the outskirts of Ras Baablek and al-Qaa inflicting casualties among their ranks.

Army troops continue to tighten the siege on the militant group entrenched on Lebanon's eastern border near the border with Syria, the Army Command Directorate of Orientation said in a communique.

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Army Shells IS Positions, Captures New Border Areas

The Lebanese army continued pounding the Islamic State positions along the Syrian border overnight, massing reinforcements and pounding the area with artillery shells and rockets, the National News Agency reported.

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Army Scores Direct Hits on IS Posts in Ras Baalbek

The Lebanese Army shelled with heavy artillery the posts of the Islamic State militant group on the outskirts of Ras Baalbek scoring direct hits, the National News Agency reported on Tuesday.

Using rocket launchers the army bombarded the area of Khirbet Daoud, NNA said.

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Israeli Official 'Warns' Lebanon Over Nasrallah's 'Threat'

Israel's education minister “warned Lebanon” following what he described as “threats” by Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

Naftali Bennett, a member of Israel's security cabinet, said any future attack by Hizbullah would be considered a "declaration of war by the Lebanese state" as a whole. He said Israel won't operate "surgically" in the next war with Hizbullah.

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Will NKorea's Kim Pull the Trigger? Possible Signs to Watch

Tensions between the United States and North Korea tend to flare suddenly and fade almost as quickly — but the latest escalation won't likely go away quite so easily.

Events closer to home, including deadly violence at a white nationalist rally in Virginia, could demand more of President Donald Trump's attention in the days ahead and cut into the volume and frequency of his fiery North Korea rhetoric.

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