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Germany Arrests Woman Accused of Islamic State Membership

German police have arrested a 20-year-old woman on suspicion of serving in the Islamic State group.

Federal prosecutors said Friday the German-Algerian woman, identified as Sarah O. for privacy reasons, is accused of membership in a foreign terrorist organization.

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President Meets FBI Chief

President Michel Aoun received on Friday at Baabda Palace, visiting FBI Director Christopher Wray who expressed support to the Lebanese army.

A statement released by the presidential palace said Aoun received Wray and told him that Lebanon has succeeded in fighting terror groups thanks to U.S. support and that of friendly countries.

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4 Dead, Including Suspect, after Maryland Warehouse Shooting

A woman working a temporary job at a drugstore warehouse in Maryland got into an argument at work Thursday morning and began shooting colleagues, killing three before fatally turning the gun on herself, authorities and witnesses said.

Workers at the Rite Aid distribution center in northeastern Maryland described terrifying moments of "crazy" gunfire and people screaming and running in all directions after the shooting. Others said they helped the wounded, one person tying blood-soaked jeans around a man's injured leg in a bid to stop the bleeding.

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Shiites across Mideast Mark Ashoura, Mourning Saint's Death

Shiites across the Middle East on Thursday marked Ashoura, an annual commemoration mourning the 7th century death of Prophet Muhammad's grandson Hussein, one of Shiite Islam's most beloved saints.

For Shiites, who represent over 10 percent of the world's 1.8 billion Muslims, the remembrance of Hussein is an emotional event that sees many believers weep over his death at the Battle of Karbala in present-day Iraq. Some beat their backs with chains, flagellating themselves in a symbolic expression of regret for not being able to help Hussein before his martyrdom.

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Making, Drinking Arak a Source of National Pride in Lebanon

Every part of Lebanon's national drink, arak, is infused with tradition — from distilling the aniseed-tinged liquor to the ritual of mixing it at the table, when the transparent liquid suddenly turns milky white as water is added.

Arak is a staple of big Sunday meals. With a sweet taste and high alcohol content, around 40 percent, it's best consumed with food — lots of it. That makes it perfect for Lebanon's traditional meze, spreads of never-ending small dishes that family and friends linger over for hours.

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U.S. Says Hizbullah Has Emerged Emboldened from Syria War

Iranian fighters and Iran-backed groups, like Lebanon's Hizbullah, have emerged emboldened from the war in Syria and with valuable battlefield experience that they are seeking to leverage elsewhere, the U.S. State Department said Wednesday.

The State Department's annual survey of global terrorism said Iran and its proxies are responsible for fomenting violence in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

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US again Slashing Number of Refugees It Will Accept

The U.S. will slash the number of refugees it will accept for a second straight year, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, insisting amid criticism from human rights groups that the country is still committed to providing sanctuary to people fleeing the world's danger zones.

Up to 30,000 refugees will be allowed into the country next year, down from a cap of 45,000 this year. It will be the lowest ceiling on admissions since the program began in 1980. The announcement Monday came despite calls from global humanitarian groups that this year's cap of 45,000 was too low.

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Suspected Israeli Strikes Target Syrian State Company

Syrian state media reported loud explosions in the Syrian coastal Latakia province on Monday evening, saying they likely resulted from Israeli strikes targeting a state company for technical industries.

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Obama's Return: Good or Bad for Democrats?

Nearly two years out of the White House, former President Barack Obama is facing another political test.

To the delight of many Democrats, he's stepped back into the fray that former presidents often try to avoid, campaigning for Democratic candidates ahead of the midterms and blasting the political culture of the Trump era. He attracted a large, adoring crowd this past week in Ohio and will be in Pennsylvania on Friday campaigning for Democratic Sen. Bob Casey.

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Mattis Condemns Russia for Influence-Peddling in Macedonia

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Macedonia Monday, condemning Russian efforts to use its money and influence to build opposition to an upcoming vote that could pave the way for the country to join NATO — a move Moscow opposes.

Mattis told reporters traveling with him to Skopje that there is "no doubt" that Moscow has been funding pro-Russian groups in order to defeat the referendum on a name change later this month.

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