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Netanyahu Sorry after Comments on Soldier Accused of Manslaughter

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized Sunday after facing criticism for comments in which he seemed to compare a soldier currently on trial for manslaughter with troops killed in combat.

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Netanyahu Criticizes European 'Support' for Anti-Israel Groups

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said his government was looking into support from European nations for groups engaged in what he described as anti-Israel activities, specifically mentioning France.

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Netanyahu Starts Landmark Africa Trip

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Uganda on Monday for a rare tour of sub-Saharan Africa, seeking new trade partners and marking the 40th anniversary of a hostage rescue in which his brother died.

Speaking in Entebbe, close to the site of the 1976 airport raid in which over 100 hostages were released, Netanyahu said the visit was "deeply moving" and symbolized the changing relationship between Israel and Africa.

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Netanyahu Stresses Arab Peace Initiative Must be Rewritten

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said a long-dormant Arab peace initiative with the Palestinians that he has spoken of reviving must be changed before Israel can support it.

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Netanyahu Admits Contributions from Frenchman on Trial for Fraud

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged on Monday that he had received $40,000 from a French tycoon on trial for alleged fraud, but said the contribution was not political and was used for promoting Israel.

During his trial in France, Arnaud Mimran said he had given one million euros ($1.1 million) in campaign contributions to Netanyahu in 2001, when the Israeli leader was not in public office.

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Netanyahu Dusts Off Old Peace Plan after Uproar over New Govt.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken of reviving a long-dormant Arab peace initiative with the Palestinians, amid questions over whether he is sincere or trying to fend off international critics.

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Netanyahu Calls Defense Minister to Order over Army Freedom of Speech

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called his Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon to order on Monday at a time of tensions over the right of military officers to speak their minds.

Yaalon on Sunday delivered a speech to senior officers in which he implored them to "continue speaking your minds".

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U.N. Official Spurns Netanyahu History Lesson Offer

A senior United Nations official Saturday brushed aside an invitation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a lecture on Jewish history, amid a row over a flashpoint Jerusalem holy site.

Netanyahu said Friday he would host the lecture in response to a recent resolution of the U.N.'s cultural body condemning Israeli "aggressions" against Muslims at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, while failing to mention the site's Jewish name Temple Mount.

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Israel to Upgrade Ties with NATO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that Israel would upgrade its ties with the 28-member NATO military alliance by opening a permanent mission to its Brussels headquarters.

"Israel will accept the invitation and open an office, in the near future," Netanyahu said at the start of a cabinet meeting.

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Israel Renews Opposition to French Peace Initiative

Israel on Thursday reiterated its opposition to a planned French peace conference, calling instead for direct and unconditional negotiations with the Palestinians.

"The best way to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is direct, bilateral negotiations," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said in a statement.

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