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In Brazil, COVID-19 Hitting Young People Harder

More young people are dying of COVID-19 in Brazil than other countries, a trend driven partly by demographics -- the overall population is younger -- but also by poverty and the need to work.

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Brazil Has One-Day Record of 751 Coronavirus Deaths

Brazil, the country in Latin America that has been hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis, said Friday it had reached a new daily record for COVID-19 fatalities with 751 deaths.

The announcement by the health ministry puts Brazil's total death count at nearly 10,000. 

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Brazil Presidential Spokesman Tests Positive for Virus

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's spokesman has tested positive for the new coronavirus, the government said Wednesday, the latest case to hit close to the far-right leader, who rejects social distancing measures.

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Brazil's Bolsonaro Hospitalized for Domestic Accident

Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro was hospitalized Monday after suffering a fall at his official residence in Brasilia, the latest health scare for the 64-year-old, his office said.

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Bolsonaro's Son Heads to Washington to Thank Trump for Amazon Support

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's son and hopeful ambassador to the United States is set to travel to Washington Friday to thank Donald Trump for his support during the crisis surrounding the fires in the Amazon rainforest.

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US Ready to Fight Amazon Fires Only in Cooperation with Brazil

The US is ready and willing to help Brazil fight forest fires in the Amazon, an aide to President Donald Trump said Wednesday, but only if it involves working with the Brazilian government.

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Gunman in Brazil Holds 16 Bus Passengers Hostage

A gunman is holding as many as 16 bus passengers hostage in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday, officials said.

At least six people have been freed from the vehicle that is stopped on a bridge connecting Rio with neighboring city Niteroi.

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At Least 57 Dead in Brazil Prison Riot

At least 57 inmates were killed during a prison riot in northern Brazil on Monday as rival gang factions fought each other, an official said.

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Bolsonaro Says Claims of Hunger in Brazil 'a Big Lie'

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro said Friday there was no hunger in the country, citing the lack of rail-thin poor people in the streets as proof.

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Brazil's Bolsonaro Says May Appoint Son as US Ambassador

Jair Bolsonaro is considering appointing his son Eduardo as ambassador to Washington, the Brazilian leader has revealed, citing the 35-year-old's friendship with the children of US President Donald Trump.

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