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EU's Juncker Criticizes 'Sad Heroes of Brexit'

European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker sharply criticized politicians Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson as the "sad heroes" of Brexit who backed out of leading Britain through the EU exit they had campaigned for.

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Brexit Stokes Feuds on Future of Europe

The European Union reacted to the shock of Brexit with a show of unity, but deep divisions quickly resurfaced about the path ahead -- whether to seek "more Europe" or less.

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Seven Years On, UK's Iraq Inquiry Gives Its Verdict

Seven years after it began, the official inquiry into Britain's role in the Iraq war finally reports on Wednesday with former prime minister Tony Blair expected to face severe criticism.

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'I'm Still Alive' Jokes Queen Elizabeth on N. Ireland Visit

"I'm still alive," quipped the British monarch Queen Elizabeth on Monday when asked about her health, in her first round of public engagements since Britain voted to leave the European Union.

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Brexit Vote Unlikely to Curtail Gulf Appetite for UK Property

Harrods, the Savoy, the Shard -- London property has long been a magnet for Gulf investors and Britain's vote to leave the European Union is unlikely to dampen their interest, analysts say.

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Banking, Airline and Property Shares Plunge in London

Shares in banks, airlines and property companies plunged on the London stock exchange Monday as investors singled out the three sectors as being the most vulnerable to Britain's decision to leave the EU.

EasyJet stock fell over 16 percent after the company issued a profit warning, while British Airways parent IAG's shares were down 9.4 percent at around 0900 GMT.

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Labor Leader Corbyn Defiant as Day of Reckoning Looms

The head of Britain's Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, projects an image of meekness, but the Brexit crisis now ripping his beloved party asunder has revealed a steely streak underneath.

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London Fears Brexit Exodus of Bankers, Investment

Will Brexit threaten London's long-booming economy? The British capital fears investors and bankers could flee the city after the shock nationwide vote, threatening its coveted reputation as a global financial hub.

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U.N.'s Ban Expects EU to Remain Solid Partner despite Brexit

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Friday he expects the European Union to remain a solid partner for the United Nations after Britain's decision to leave the bloc.

"The Secretary-General expects the European Union to continue to be a solid partner for the United Nations on development and humanitarian issues, as well as peace and security, including migration," Ban said in a statement.

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Over 1,200 Business Titans Raise Brexit Alarm on Eve of Vote

More than 1,200 business titans united Wednesday to warn against Britain breaking with the EU, as rivals battled for the last votes on the eve of a tightly fought referendum that will shape Europe's future.

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