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Bank of England Prepares Cash Access Boost before Brexit

The Bank of England on Tuesday said it was preparing to give lenders greater access to cash borrowing in its latest move to help bring financial stability ahead of Brexit.

"The Bank will increase the frequency of existing market-wide sterling (cash loans)... from monthly to weekly over the weeks surrounding the planned EU withdrawal date," the BoE said in a statement.

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Oil Slides as Trump Tells OPEC to 'Relax'

The price of oil sank Monday after U.S. President Donald Trump urged the OPEC crude producers' cartel to help cut "high" prices and aid the "fragile" world economy.

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Trump Says He Sees 'Signing Summit' with China on Trade

U.S. President Donald Trump said Monday he expects a "signing summit" with China on trade, with negotiators "very, very close" to a deal.

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Uzbekistan Launches Six-Figure Banknote to Ease Shopping

Uzbekistan on Monday issued a new high-denomination banknote, saying it would facilitate big consumer purchases in a country that still shops mostly with cash.

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U.S. Tariffs Hike Delay Draws Cautious Welcome, Boosts Shares

President Donald Trump's decision to extend a deadline to escalate tariffs on Chinese imports raised cautious optimism in China on Monday and sent shares soaring.

The Shanghai Composite index jumped 5.5 percent to its highest level since last summer after Trump said "substantial progress" was made in weekend talks between the two countries regarding their dispute over China's technology policies.

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New Kid on the Blockchain: Stablecoin Promises Steady Crypto

As the extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies makes them difficult to depend on for day-to-day use, another type of virtual currency is gaining popularity: stablecoins.

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UAE Oil Firm Signs $4 Billion Deal with BlackRock, KKR

State-owned UAE energy giant Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. on Sunday signed a $4 billion deal with U.S.-based investors BlackRock and KKR granting them a minority stake in its pipeline arm.

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Bargain Auctions Offer Istanbul Consumers More Bang for Buck

"Going, going, gone!" resonate the enticing chants of auctioneers in the narrow streets of a trendy Istanbul neighborhood, fascinating onlookers who are surprised, not so much by the fast pace of the bidding, but by the prices in such economically troubled times.

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Huawei Shrugs Off Threat of U.S. Ban

Huawei's chairman on Sunday shrugged of the risk that President Donald Trump could issue an executive order banning the Chinese telecom giant, saying the company could succeed without the U.S. market.

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German Economy 'in Better Shape' than Thought in Q4

The German economy is "in better shape" than feared, analysts said Friday, after detailed data for the fourth quarter of 2018 showed a dashboard with few red lights despite flat growth.

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