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'Living Fossil' Crabs Mysteriously Dying in Japan

Hundreds of horseshoe crabs -- known as "living fossils" because they are among the Earth's oldest creatures -- have been found dead in southern Japan, confounding experts who study the alien-like sidewalkers.

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DiCaprio Unveils Free Technology to Spy on Global Fishing

American movie star Leonardo DiCaprio unveils on Thursday a new, free technology that allows users to spy on global fishing practices, in a bid to curb illegal fishing.

The release of Global Fishing Watch coincides with the Our Oceans Conference hosted by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington on September 15 and 16.

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Strongest Typhoon in 21 Years Hits Taiwan

Parts of Taiwan were brought to a standstill Wednesday as super typhoon Meranti skirted past the island's southern tip, bringing the strongest winds in 21 years and disrupting traffic ahead of a major holiday.

Although typhoon Meranti did not make landfall, the storm brought violent winds and torrential rain to eastern and southern Taiwan. 

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India Disputes U.S. Renewables Support at WTO

India has launched a complaint before the World Trade Organization against the United States over alleged subsidies provided to renewable energy projects, a source close to the WTO said Monday.

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Waste-Besieged Easter Island Slowly Learns to Recycle

Every Friday, a cargo plane loaded with three tonnes of waste cardboard takes off from wind-swept Easter Island, bound for the Chilean mainland thousands of miles away across the Pacific.

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Pacific Nations Open Summit with Eye on Climate Fight

Pacific island leaders opened their annual regional summit Thursday with a colorful ceremony in Micronesia, as some of the world's smallest nations vowed to put up a big fight against climate change.

Members of the 16-nation Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) were greeted by traditional dancers in grass skirts at the meeting's opening in the Micronesian capital Palikir.

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Norway's Sovereign Fund Bars U.S. Duke over Pollution

Norway's sovereign wealth fund, the world's biggest, has placed U.S. group Duke Energy and three subsidiaries on its blacklist for causing "unacceptable" environmental damage, Norway's central bank said Wednesday.

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Newton Makes Landfall again in Mexico after Killing 2

Tropical storm Newton roared into northwestern Mexico early Wednesday, making landfall a second time after leaving two people dead in Baja California, US forecasters said.

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COP22 Host Morocco's Mosques are Going Green

Two months before it hosts the COP22 climate conference, Morocco is preparing to launch an ambitious project to turn its mosques green as a commitment to clean energy.

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Warming Oceans are 'Sick,' Global Scientists Warn

Global warming is making the oceans sicker than ever before, spreading disease among animals and humans and threatening food security across the planet, a major scientific report said on Monday.

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