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Parisians Wake Up to Coffee-Fuelled Urban Mushroom Magic

From a container wafts the sweetly pungent odor of coffee grounds which, far from being discarded as waste, are being lucratively recycled to produce oyster mushrooms.

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Earthquake with 7.5 Magnitude Hits Ecuador

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 hit Ecuador Friday but there were no immediate reports of casualties or major damage.

The quake struck before dawn in Ecuador's eastern Amazon region 17 kilometers (10 miles) from the town of Montalvo near the border with Peru, the US Geological Survey said.

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Climate Activist Thunberg Urges EU to Double Carbon Reduction Targets

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist who has inspired pupils worldwide to boycott classes, urged the European Union on Thursday to double its ambition for greenhouse gas cuts.

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Cylone Oma Strengthens, Australian Coast Warning Triggered

Cyclone Oma intensified to a damaging category three storm, Australia's Bureau of Meteorology said Wednesday, warning that it could bring severe weather to the continent after hitting the Pacific Islands.

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Pro Pipeline Protest Rolls into Canada's Capital

A convoy of big trucks from Canada's oil producing regions rolled into the capital Ottawa Tuesday as hundreds of people including "yellow vest" activists rallied in protest at government curbs on pipeline construction.

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'Urgent Steps' Needed to Save Australia's Biggest River System

The viability of a key river that feeds into Australia's biggest water system is under threat if poor conditions that killed millions of fish are not improved within six months, scientists warned Monday.

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Germany Moots Tougher Insect Protections

Germany plans an insect protection law to slash use of pesticides and pump tens of millions of euros (dollars) into research, a minister said Sunday, as global concern grows over mankind's impact on the crucial invertebrates.

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Powerful Storm Dumps More Rain and Snow across the West

Heavy rain again raised the risk of mudslides in Southern California burn areas where evacuations were ordered during a powerful storm that flooded roads, toppled trees and cut power further north.

The system known as an atmospheric river snaked through southern Oregon, Northern California and western Nevada while feeding on a deep plume of moisture stretching across the Pacific Ocean to near Hawaii, the National Weather Service said.

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U.S. Admiral Says Climate Change Risks U.S. Bases, Fuels Social Disorder

Climate change and a deteriorating environment are likely to fuel social disorder and could threaten some U.S. military bases, a top admiral has said.

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Harrison Ford Attacks Leaders who Deny Climate Change

Hollywood veteran Harrison Ford on Tuesday attacked U.S. President Donald Trump and other world leaders who deny climate change saying they were "on the wrong side of history."

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