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Eiffel Tower Shrouded in Smog as Paris Pollution Spikes

The Eiffel Tower disappeared behind a brown smog on Wednesday as Paris and much of northern France suffered a spike in pollution.

"The pollution levels are consistent. If we don't go over the alert level, we won't be far away," said Airparif, the body responsible for monitoring air quality in the greater Paris region. 

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Harvard's President Speaks in China about Climate Change

The Harvard president told students at one of China's most prestigious universities Tuesday that academic institutions must be unfettered places where every topic can be raised and every question asked to help tackle challenges such as climate change.

The comments by Drew Gilpin Faust were part of a 30-minute speech at Beijing's Tsinghua University on climate change in which she urged universities in the two countries to collaborate on research and on teaching the next generation how to deal with climate change.

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EU Official: Humanity at 'Five to Midnight' on Climate

Time is running out for the world to achieve a climate change agreement, the president of the European Parliament said Tuesday ahead of a key United Nations meeting in Paris later this year.

"We have to recognise that it is five minutes to midnight, and that the goals we have defined are not European, American or Chinese," Martin Schulz told reporters during a visit to China.

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Study: Hidden Paths Could be Behind Antarctic Glacier Melt

Scientists have discovered two pathways that are likely channeling warm ocean water under a massive Antarctic glacier, which could contribute to rising global sea levels, a study revealed Tuesday.

The 120-kilometer (75 miles) long Totten Glacier, more than 30 kilometers wide, is the largest in East Antarctica and melting more quickly than others in the area.

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Vanuatu President Says Climate Change 'Contributed' to Disaster

Vanuatu's President Baldwin Lonsdale said Monday climate change was a key factor in the devastation wrought on the Pacific nation by Super Cyclone Pam, which left six dead and 30 injured in the capital Port Vila alone.

Super Cyclone Pam smashed into the island archipelago late Friday, bringing sustained winds of more than 250 kilometers (155 miles) per hour and causing widespread damage.

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Yes, Climate Change is Under Negotiations

In response to the emerging evidence that climate change could have a major global impact, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was adopted in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro.

The ultimate objective of the Convention is the stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous human-induced interference with the climate system. The Convention recognizes that developed countries are responsible for the largest share of historical and current global emissions of greenhouse gases and hence, should take the lead in combating climate change.

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Climate Change is Lebanese Too

Like all the countries in the world, Lebanon contributes to climate change through emitting greenhouse gases from energy, transport, waste and wastewater, forestry, industry and agriculture. Lebanon is also very vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change on its environment, economy and society.

Lebanon’s total emission of greenhouse gases is 18.5 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) equivalent. This constitutes 0.07% of the world’s emissions.

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Climate Change 101

What you may know as a greenhouse is the plastic structures farmers install above agricultural produce. The purpose is to make the atmosphere warmer inside the greenhouse for the fruits and vegetable to grow.

This phenomenon applies to our planet as the greenhouse gas effect is a natural process. In fact, it is because of this effect that planet Earth is habitable. As the sun emits its radiation, the greenhouse gases trap the heat inside the atmosphere and balances temperatures in order for life to thrive and evolve. Some greenhouse gases you may know are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O).

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Let’s Talk About Climate for a Change

Naharnet and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Climate Change team are proud to announce the launch of a new partnership which aims at informing you about climate change, updating you on Lebanon’s efforts in combating it and keeping you posted on relevant international studies and events.

This partnership is being initiated in the wake of a very intensive climate year. 2015 will be a historic period during which countries will multiply their international discussions and national efforts to agree on how to reduce the impact of climate change.

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