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Obama to Visit Cuba in March, Pledges to Address Human Rights

Barack Obama will become the first U.S. president to visit Cuba in almost a century next month, a symbolic visit that will cast off one of the last vestiges of the Cold War.

The White House announced that Obama and First Lady Michele Obama will travel to the Communist-controlled island March 21-22.

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U.S. Authorizes up to 110 Daily Flights to Cuba

The United States and Cuba will sign a bilateral agreement Tuesday authorizing up to 110 scheduled daily commercial flights to Havana and nine other destinations on the communist island.

The deal restores regular flights between the two countries for the first time in more than half a century.

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Fidel Castro Hails Catholic-Orthodox Talks in Cuba

Cuba's former revolutionary president Fidel Castro on Monday said the historic meeting in his country between the heads of the Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches raised worldwide hope for peace.

"The singular importance of the meeting between Pope Francis and His Holiness Kirill in Havana is that it raised hope for people around the world," Castro wrote in an article in state media.

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Pope in Mexico after Historic Talks with Russian Patriarch

Mexico greeted Pope Francis on Friday with mariachi music and throngs of Catholic faithful lining the streets after he held historic talks with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Cuba.

President Enrique Pena Nieto welcomed Francis at the airport while a mariachi band played before he climbed into the Popemobile to wave at crowds across the capital of the world's second largest Catholic country.

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Pope Francis to Have Historic Meeting with Russian Patriarch in Cuba

Pope Francis will meet Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill in Cuba next week in a historic first meeting between the heads of the two largest Christian churches, the Vatican announced Friday.

The meeting will be the first of its kind since a schism in the 11th Century split what was then the only Christian Church into Western and Eastern branches.

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Report: Miami Gearing up for Ferries to Cuba

The port of Miami is gearing up to offer daily ferries to Cuba but the service could take a while to get underway because Cuba has yet to grant permits, a newspaper said Tuesday.

The port in this city that is home to half of the two million strong Cuban diaspora in the United States began preparations shortly after the United States and Cuba announced in December 2014 they would restore diplomatic ties after a half century of enmity dating back to the Cold War, the Miami Herald reported.

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Cubans Bound for U.S. Inch Closer, Arrive in Guatemala

A group of 180 Cuban migrants took a step closer to their dream of a new life in the United States Wednesday after flying out of Costa Rica in a trial run designed to blaze a path for thousands of stranded compatriots to follow.

In what they nervously hope will be the successful conclusion to a months-long odyssey through South and Central America, the Cubans landed in El Salvador and then made it further north to Guatemala by bus after traveling through the night.

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C.Rica Warns Cubans it's not an 'Open Bridge 'to U.S.

Costa Rica on Tuesday warned it should not be seen as an "open bridge" to America after striking a deal to start shipping out stranded Cuban migrants to other Central American countries.

"We do not have the resources" to take in any more Cuban migrants, Costa Rican Foreign Minister Manuel Gonzalez told reporters.

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Thirteen Killed, 34 Injured in Cuban Truck Collision

Thirteen people were killed and 34 more injured Monday when two trucks retrofitted as passenger buses collided in eastern Cuba, local media reported.

The deadly crash took place in Santiago de Cuba province, Agencia Cubana de Noticias reported.

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C.America States Agree Breakthrough on Stranded Cuban Migrants

Central American countries on Monday agreed a breakthrough in the case of thousands of U.S.-bound Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica, after weeks of often acrimonious regional diplomacy.

In a meeting in Guatemala City, representatives from several of the countries said they would fly some of the Cubans to El Salvador, where they would be put on buses to cross Guatemala and enter Mexico.

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