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Egypt Troops Targeted in Sinai a Week after Deadly Blast

Seven Egyptian soldiers were wounded Friday in an explosion near El-Arish, a week after a deadly attack in the same area of the Sinai peninsula killed 30 soldiers, a security official said.

"Two officers and five soldiers were wounded in a bomb explosion against their vehicle south of El-Arish," the capital of North Sinai province, the source said.

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U.S. Says Egypt Has Right to Build Gaza Buffer Zone

Egypt has the right to use a Gaza buffer zone to boost its security, but should also be concerned about the impact on local communities, the United States said Thursday.

"Certainly we believe that Egypt has the right to take steps to maintain their own security. And we understand the threat that they are facing from the Sinai," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

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Vigilance Urged over Threat to American Schools in Mideast

U.S. embassies in the Gulf and Egypt are calling for vigilance after a post on a jihadist website encouraged attacks on American and other international schools there, specifically teachers.

The warnings have been issued by missions in Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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Egypt Jailing for Claims 'Traitor' Morsi Fed False Intelligence

An Egyptian court has jailed a retired general for claiming the nation's spies deliberately fed now-deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi false intelligence because he was a "traitor," state media reported Thursday.

Tharwat Guda, a former officer in general intelligence, was jailed for a year Wednesday in a military trial sparked by a complaint from his former institution that he had disclosed information "damaging to national security."

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Egypt Starts Work on Gaza Buffer after Bombing

Egypt began setting up a buffer zone along its border with the Palestinian Gaza Strip on Wednesday to prevent militant infiltration and arms smuggling following a wave of deadly attacks.

The move, which will see about 800 homes demolished, comes in the wake of a suicide bombing in the Sinai Peninsula Friday that killed at least 30 soldiers.

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Outcry against Egypt's Move to Monitor NGOs

Egypt's ultimatum to thousands of non-governmental organisations to register with the government by November 10 will deal a death blow to the country's civil society, activists say.

Armed with a law from the era of Hosni Mubarak, the autocratic president ousted in 2011, the new authorities in Egypt are aiming to keep tabs on the activities and funding of NGOs by forcing them to register.

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Egypt Army 'Kills 8 Sinai Jihadists,' Sends More Troops

Eight suspected jihadists were killed in a shootout in Egypt's Sinai, the army said Monday, as more troops were deployed to the peninsula where a car bomb killed dozens last week.

Seven "terrorists and criminals" were arrested after the shootout, which took place on Sunday in North Sinai, an army statement said, without specifying exactly where the fighting occurred.

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Egypt Widens Military Trials of Civilians to Cover 'Terrorism'

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Monday enacted a decree allowing military trials for civilians suspected of attacking state infrastructure, after a string of deadly strikes on soldiers.

The decree came after Sisi promised a tough response to what he called an "existential threat" to Egypt posed by militants, following an attack Friday on an army checkpoint in the Sinai that killed at least 30 soldiers.

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Palestinians Say Gaza Truce Talks in Cairo Postponed

Israeli-Palestinian talks on a lasting Gaza truce are to resume after mid-November, instead of Monday as initially planned, the chief Palestinian negotiator Azzam al-Ahmad told AFP Sunday.

The announcement came after other Palestinian officials said the talks had been postponed due to Egypt's closure of the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip.

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Egypt Court Sentences 23 Pro-Democracy Protesters to 3 Years

An Egyptian court sentenced 23 pro-democracy activists on Sunday to three years in prison each for holding an unlicensed and violent protest, after international calls to free the defendants.

The rights activists include Yara Sallam and Sanaa Seif, described by Amnesty International as "prisoners of conscience." Seif has been on hunger strike for about two months, her mother Laila Soueif said.

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