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Simon Cowell Debuts YouTube Talent Hunt

British pop mogul Simon Cowell launched an innovative online talent contest Wednesday, inviting wannabee stars from around the world to post clips of their skills on YouTube.

"The X Factor" and "Got Talent" guru Cowell joined forces with the video sharing platform to run 26 biweekly contests, called "The You Generation", for hopefuls in 26 countries over the next 12 months.

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Fallon Reportedly Replacing Leno on 'Tonight' Show

As Jay Leno makes jokes about ratings-challenged NBC in his "Tonight" monologues, speculation is swirling the network is taking steps to replace the host with Jimmy Fallon next year and move the talk show from California to New York.

NBC confirmed Wednesday it's creating a new studio for Fallon in New York, where he hosts "Late Night." But the network did not comment on a report that the studio may become home to a transplanted, Fallon-hosted "Tonight."

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Gaga Recovering Nicely after Hip Surgery

Lady Gaga's manager says the pop star is "doing unbelievable" a month after she had hip surgery that caused her to cancel her U.S. tour.

Vincent Herbert said in an interview Tuesday the 26-year-old Grammy winner is "doing wonderful, doing great."

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'Mad Men' Star Hamm a Fan of Timberlake's Style

"Mad Men" star Jon Hamm is going mad over Justin Timberlake's suit and tie — the song and the singer's style.

"I'm a big fan of Justin Timberlake," Hamm said in a recent interview. "I think he's a trendsetter, as they say. But he's always been kind of a natty dresser."

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Passing Reference in 'Argo' Rankles New Zealand

"Argo" mentions New Zealand just once in passing, but the four-word reference is rankling Kiwis five months after the Oscar-winning film was released in the South Pacific nation.

Even Parliament has expressed its dismay, passing a motion stating that director Ben Affleck "saw fit to mislead the world about what actually happened."

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Storm-Damaged Statue of Liberty to Reopen by July 4

The Statue of Liberty will reopen by July 4 once repairs to extensive damage inflicted on the New York landmark by Hurricane Sandy are completed, U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Tuesday.

The statue itself, a 19th century gift from France to the United States, weathered the October 29 storm, but serious damage was wrought on ferry docks, energy infrastructure and security screening system on Liberty Island.

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Harrison Ford and the Sequester of Doom

He has taken on Nazi tomb raiders, Soviet spies and even Darth Vader's Death Star, but Hollywood legend Harrison Ford was cracking the whip Tuesday against a more potent domestic enemy: budget cuts.

The original space cowboy brought his star power to Capitol Hill drawing attention to the effects of the so-called sequester, the across-the-board cuts that have begun to hit federal programs -- including his cherished general aviation industry -- to the tune of $85 billion this year.

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Diana Dresses Raise Over £850,000 at London Sale

Ten dresses owned by Princess Diana, including the one worn when she danced with actor John Travolta at a White House dinner, sold for £862,800 at a London auction on Tuesday.

The most iconic item -- the strapless dark blue velvet gown worn at a 1985 dinner thrown by U.S. president Ronald Reagan in honor of the Prince and Princess of Wales -- raised £240,000 (281,000 euros, $363.000).

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Holmes Tells Allure She Hopes 2013 is 'Peaceful'

Katie Holmes doesn't talk about her split from actor Tom Cruise but she does say she hopes this year is better than the last.

The actress tells Allure magazine she wants 2013 to be "a peaceful year for a lot of people."

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PSY to Revise Song over Worry it May Offend Arabs

PSY says he will change the title and lyrics of his potential "Gangnam Style" follow-up over worries it could offend Arabs.

The announced title for the song can be written as "Assarabia" or "Assaravia" in English. It's slang used by South Koreans to express thrills. It suggests no ethnicity or body part, but worries have risen that Arabs might misinterpret the title and find it derogatory.

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