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San Sebastian Film Festival Says Strapped for Cash

Spain's cash-strapped San Sebastian film festival is struggling to invite big stars and needs up to three million euros ($4 million) more, its new chief said Friday.

Jose Luis Rebordinos, who is running the Spanish-speaking world's oldest and most prestigious film festival for the first time this year, said money was tight.

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Marc Jacobs Brings Big Finale to NY Fashion Week

Marc Jacobs drew a beautiful and audacious line Thursday under a New York Fashion Week that stood out for its optimism and bright yellows and oranges.

As he has in the past, Jacobs chose the Armory in southern Manhattan rather than the Fashion Week headquarters at the Lincoln Center for his Spring-Summer 2012 show.

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Brother Says Jackson Killed by Greed, Medic's Fault

Michael Jackson was driven to his death by a mix of greed, power and money, one of his brothers claimed Thursday, while saying the star's doctor "had no business" giving him the drug that killed him.

Speaking before the manslaughter trial of medic Conrad Murray kicks off this month, Jermaine Jackson said those surrounding his brother failed to look after him, as they pushed him to play a lucrative series of comeback gigs.

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Keeping Sexuality a Secret in Jazzy 'Play It Cool'

The Eisenhower era was a repressive time in America. Women could legally be harassed by police just for wearing pants, and homosexuality was considered a shameful crime as well as a mental illness, for which the police could toss a man or woman into a psychiatric hospital.

Illustrating this lack of civil liberties with smooth and entertaining song is "Play It Cool", a noirish jazz musical about a secret gay nightclub off Sunset Boulevard in 1953 Los Angeles, a town where the police were notoriously hostile toward gay people.

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'Girls Gone Wild' Founder Wins Gambling Debt Case

"Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis beat the house Wednesday in a criminal case over a $2.5 million Las Vegas casino debt.

A state judge threw out a criminal theft and bad check indictment against the soft-porn mogul that involved the Wynn Las Vegas resort. Because the casino waited 16 months to redeem a casino marker, or IOU, the judge ruled that Wynn and prosecutors lost their chance to prove Francis committed a crime.

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Jane Lynch Rolls Out Red Carpet as Emmy Host

Jane Lynch didn't trip over the red carpet while rolling it out Wednesday morning in anticipation of Sunday's Emmy ceremony. Despite not seeing "daylight in a couple of days" and dreaming she might experience a "face plant" as the show's host, Lynch pulled it off without a hitch.

"I don't even know where I am anymore," she joked to dozens of photographers and reporters who gathered for the unveiling with the show's executive producer Mark Burnett and TV academy chairman John Shaffner.

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Caution: Word of Advice for Spring Wardrobe

The blockbuster colors and florals, geometrics and ethnic prints on the runways at New York Fashion Week may feel like game-changers in the moment. Then there's the rest of your life.

Once the looks move from the catwalk to the closet after this round of previews, women may need a little guidance on incorporating the prints, shots of neon and other new colors — purple, yellow, aqua and orange — into existing wardrobes, said Cindy Weber Cleary, fashion director of InStyle magazine.

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'Exorcist' Director Slams Trend for Comic Book Stories

Director William Friedkin on Tuesday decried a trend in cinema of infantilizing audiences with stories ripped from comic books, at the North American premiere of his new film "Killer Joe."

"It's harder and harder to do (original adult material) in this climate of American film... which is mostly concerned with movies that are comic books, and remakes," he said.

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Amid Greek Crisis, Young Film Talent Finds Accolades

As Greece sinks deeper into a debt crisis that has brought sweeping layoffs, wage cuts and tax hikes, a group of young film-makers are among the few giving the country something to smile about.

At the forefront is Yorgos Lanthimos, a TV commercials veteran who made a stunning dash from near-obscurity in 2009 to an Academy Award foreign film nomination earlier this year for his film 'Dogtooth'.

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Amy Winehouse Charity Launches on Her Birthday

Amy Winehouse's family has launched a youth charity in her name to mark what would have been the singer's 28th birthday.

Winehouse, who had long fought drug and alcohol problems, was found dead at her London home on July 23. Her family says toxicology reports indicated there was alcohol in her bloodstream but it was unclear whether this had contributed to her death.

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