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Israel Strikes in Gaza after Projectiles, Explosive Balloons

Israeli aircraft struck Hamas positions in Gaza early Wednesday, the military said, after Palestinians in the enclave launched projectiles and explosive balloons at the Jewish state.

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Israel Strikes Gaza for Second Day after Incendiary Balloons

Israeli forces struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip for a second consecutive day Thursday, the army said, saying it was in response to incendiary balloons launched from the strip.

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Gaza Protests Cancelled for Third Week

Palestinian protests along the Gaza-Israel border have been cancelled for the third week, organisers said on Thursday, amid declining turnout and fears of a fresh conflict in the Gaza Strip.

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With Little to Show, Gazans Question Mass Border Protests

Gaza's Hamas rulers are facing a rare and growing chorus of criticism, with little to show after 18 months of mass protests along the Israeli frontier organized by the Palestinian militant group.

The mass protests at the frontier with Israel were meant to draw attention to the plight of the territory's 2 million people. When the protests began, Hamas quickly seized upon the popular idea and transformed the quiet gatherings into violent confrontations.

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Israel Strikes in Gaza after Rocket Attack

Israeli forces attacked Hamas positions in Gaza after rockets fired from the Palestinian enclave hit the Jewish state, the military said early Saturday.

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Gaza Organisers Cancel Friday Border Protests

Organisers cancelled the main weekly protests along the Gaza-Israel border on Friday, for only the second time in more than a year.

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Israel Cuts Gaza Fishing Limit after Rocket Launch

Israel reduced the offshore fishing limit it imposes for vessels operating out of Gaza from Tuesday following rocket fire from the territory by Palestinian militants, officials said.

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Despite Setbacks, Hamas' Grip on Gaza Has Never Been Tighter

Over the weekend, Gaza's Hamas rulers marked a year of bloody, weekly protests that have failed to break the Israeli blockade. Rocket attacks brought a wave of Israeli airstrikes and unprecedented protests broke out against the Islamic militants' increasingly unpopular rule.

And yet Hamas' control over Gaza is tighter than ever.

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Thousands Gather at Gaza-Israel Border on Anniversary in Test of Truce

Thousands of Gazans began gathering to mark the first anniversary of mass protests along the Israeli border on Saturday, testing a fragile truce only 10 days ahead of an Israeli general election.

Egypt has sought to mediate between Israel and Gaza's Islamist rulers Hamas to rein in violence and avoid the sort of deadly response from the Israeli army that has accompanied past protests.

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New Gaza Rockets Threaten Truce after Netanyahu Warning

Palestinian militants fired three rockets at Israel overnight prompting retaliatory fire from Israel, with the exchanges threatening a Hamas-declared truce. 

They came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was prepared for further military action in Gaza, at a highly sensitive time ahead of an April 9 Israeli general election.

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