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Kuwait Expels Iranian Diplomats over 'Terror' Cell

Kuwait on Thursday ordered the expulsion of about 15 Iranian diplomats after the emirate's top court convicted a "terror" cell of links to the Islamic republic, a government source told AFP.

Kuwait also ordered the closure of the Iranian "military, cultural and trade" missions, said the government official, who asked not to be named.

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Kuwait: OPEC, Non-OPEC Have Exceeded Targeted Oil Output Cuts

Kuwait's oil minister said Thursday that OPEC and independent producers have exceeded their targeted oil output cuts, but without stemming a decline in commodity prices.

"The commitments to production cuts in May reached 106 percent, the highest percentage since the start of output reductions in January," said Essam al-Marzouk, who heads a joint ministerial committee overseeing adherence to the cuts.

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Kuwait Executions Part of 'Alarming Trend' in Middle East

Human Rights Watch criticised Kuwait on Thursday for ending a moratorium on executions by hanging seven people, saying the action was part of a worrying regional rise in use of the death penalty.

"Kuwait's killing of seven people on January 25 highlights the alarming trend in the region for countries to return to or increasingly use the death penalty," said Sarah Leah Whitson, HRW's Middle East director.

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Kuwait Hangs 7 Prisoners, Including Royal, in Mass Execution

Kuwait on Wednesday hanged seven people including a member of the ruling family and a woman who burned dozens of people to death at a wedding party, the authorities said.

The three women and four men are the first to be executed in the oil-rich Gulf state since mid-2013.

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German Jet Lands in Kuwait over Hoax Bomb Threat

A German plane carrying 299 passengers made an emergency landing in Kuwait on Sunday over a hoax bomb threat, authorities in the Gulf emirate said.

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Political Power Struggle Seen at the Heart of Kuwait Sports Saga

A lingering sports crisis in Kuwait that triggered international sanctions is seen as part of a power struggle in the Gulf state involving ruling family members and politicians, analysts say.

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Kuwaitis Protest against Russia over Aleppo

Hundreds of Kuwaitis protested outside the Russian embassy on Wednesday to condemn Moscow's support for the Syrian regime besieging rebel-held Aleppo.

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Kuwait Emir Tells MPs Spending Cuts 'Inevitable'

Kuwait's Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah opened the new parliament Sunday by declaring that a reduction in public spending is "inevitable" in the face of weak oil prices.

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Kuwait to Buy 28 F-18 Warplanes

Kuwait will buy 28 Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornets to replace a fleet of earlier versions of the U.S. fighter jets, a top official said Monday. 

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Kuwait Opposition in Strong Election Showing

Islamist-dominated opposition groups and their allies secured nearly half of the Kuwaiti parliament's seats, official results showed Sunday, raising fears of fresh political wrangling in the oil-rich Gulf state.

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