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Parliament Elects Supreme Council Members to Try Presidents, Ministers

Lebanon’s parliament convened on Wednesday and elected seven members of the Supreme Council to try presidents and ministers, the National News Agency reported.

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Aoun to Meet Putin Later in March, Refugee Return Tops Talks

Lebanon and Moscow pursue the preparations for President Michel Aoun’s visit to Moscow on March 25 at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Saudi Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported on Wednesday.

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German, British, French Diplomats Visit Lebanon

Since the government formation Lebanon witnesses international mobility the latest is German Deputy Foreign Minister Niels Annen who arrived in Beirut late on Tuesday on a two-day official visit, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Wednesday.

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Parliament Holds First Legislative Session after Government Formation

Lebanon’s parliament will hold three legislative sessions this week the first is to be held on Thursday and dedicated to electing members of the Supreme council to try presidents and ministers, media reports said.

Al-Liwaa daily said that a number of draft laws will be discussed, including a draft law on lifting bank secrecy signed by ten deputies of the Strong Lebanon bloc.

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Mustaqbal Slams 'Campaigns' against Saniora, Urges End to 'Spite'

Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc on Tuesday threw its support behind ex-PM Fouad Saniora in the ongoing controversy over corruption.

Lauding “the financial, administrative and political presentation that ex-PM Fouad Saniora made during his press conference,” the bloc called for “dealing with its numbers and facts away from overbidding and the known alignments.”

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Bassil Slams 'Sectarian Protection' for Corrupts, Proposes Anti-Graft Laws

Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Jebran Bassil on Tuesday stressed that no corrupt official should enjoy “sectarian protection,” as he proposed three laws to fight rampant corruption in Lebanon.

“We are not in a battle against anyone and let no one seek protection from their sect,” Bassil said after the weekly meeting of the Strong Lebanon bloc.

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Khalil Says Financial Controversy 'Not Based on Facts', Refers Accounts to Audit Court

Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil announced Tuesday that the latest controversy over financial corruption is “not based on facts,” as he sent auditing reports and final accounts for the period between 1993 and 2017 to the Court of Audit.

“A debate has taken place over the state's public accounts and the discussion was not based on accurate and real facts,” Khalil said at a press conference.

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Jumblat Backs Anti-Corruption Battle but Not 'Attacks' on Saniora

Progressive Socialist Party leader ex-MP Walid Jumblat announced Tuesday that he supports a “methodical battle against corruption” and not “a return to the March 8 and 14 calculations,” in reference to Lebanon's rival political camps.

Asked about the corruption-related war of words between MP Hassan Fadlallah of Hizbullah and ex-PM Fouad Saniora and other al-Mustaqbal Movement officials, Jumblat told reporters that he is “against such attacks ex-PM Fouad Saniora.”

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Saudi Arabia Says British Hizbullah Ban 'Constructive'

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday welcomed Britain's decision to outlaw the political wing of Lebanon's Hizbullah, describing it as an "important and constructive" step.

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Report: Military Appointments Expected at Cabinet this Week

Lebanon’s cabinet is expected to approve on Thursday a series of appointments to fill the vacant seats in the Military Council, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Tuesday.

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