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Hundreds of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Return Home

Hundreds of Syrian refugees have headed home in the first batch to leave Lebanon since protests broke out in the small Arab country more than a month ago.

Since the early hours of Tuesday, scores of Syrians boarded buses in several locations in Lebanon before heading back to their hometowns in war-torn Syria.

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Jumblat Says Haggles over Nominee for PM ‘Unconstitutional’

Progressive Socialist Party leader ex-MP Walid Jumblat on Tuesday said the ongoing debate to pick a PM before the binding parliamentary consultations was “unconstitutional.”

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In Protest-Hit Lebanon, Debate Tents Draw in the Street

A secular state, early elections, solving poverty. Every evening, Sarah al-Ghur joins other residents of Lebanon's second city Tripoli to debate how to fix her protest-gripped country.

"I'd rather take part in the discussions than applaud or shout out slogans," says the 32-year-old in the city's Al-Nour square.

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Syrian Pound Hits New Black Market Low amid Liquidity Crunch in Lebanon

The value of the Syrian pound on the black market sank to 1,000 to the dollar at some money changers Tuesday, marking a new record low for the nosediving currency.

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Protesters in Tripoli Block Roads, State and Public Institutions

Protesters blocked several roads in the northern city of Tripoli and gathered outside state institutions as Lebanon’s uprising against the entire political class enters day 48.

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Protesters Throw Stones at Troops, Injuring Some

The Lebanese army says protesters have hurled stones at soldiers opening a highway south of Beirut, injuring several troops.

The army said in a statement on Tuesday that one of the protesters in the town of Naameh fired bullets from a pistol the night before. It says that made the troops fire in the air to disperse the protesters.

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Trump Administration Quietly Releases Lebanon Military Aid

The Trump administration has quietly released more than $100 million in military assistance to Lebanon after months of unexplained delay that led some U.S. lawmakers to compare it to the aid for Ukraine at the center of the Trump impeachment inquiry.

The $105 million in Foreign Military Financing funds for the Lebanese Army was released just before the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday and U.S. lawmakers were notified of the step on Monday, according to two congressional staffers and an administration official.

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Suicide of Unemployed Man Strikes a Chord in Crisis-Hit Lebanon

A suicide in Lebanon committed over a small debt sparked a social media outcry in the protest-hit country, where weeks of political and economic turmoil have raised alarm.

Naji Fliti, a 40-year-old father of two, committed suicide outside his home in the eastern border town of Arsal on Sunday because he could not pay outstanding medical bills for his cancer-stricken wife, his relative told AFP on Monday.

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Oil Syndicates Agree to Share Losses Resulting from Dollar Shortage

Caretaker Energy Minister Nada Bustani on Monday announced that all oil sector syndicates have agreed to share losses resulting from the country’s dollar shortage crisis.

After a meeting with the heads of the syndicates, Bustani said each stakeholder will contribute a certain share.

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Teachers Strike after Private Schools Cut Salaries

A number of private school teachers went on strike Monday to protest cuts to their salaries, amid a dire economic and financial crisis in the country.

LBCI television said the teachers stopped teaching after schools withheld portions of their salaries.

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