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World Responds to Lebanon's Plight after Catastrophic Beirut Blast

As stunned Lebanese rescuers counted the dead and combed rubble for signs of life a day after a huge explosion shattered swaths of Beirut, nations near and far pledged Wednesday that the country, already trapped in a deep economic crisis, would not be left alone.

The explosion at the capital's port that killed at least 100 and injured thousands, with shock waves smashing deep into the city, stunned the world. From Australia to Indonesia to Europe and the United States, countries readied to send in aid and search teams.

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'Armageddon' at Beirut Hospitals after Blast Hurt Medics, Patients Alike

His head bandaged just like his patients, Dr Antoine Qurban said Tuesday's enormous blast brought "Armageddon" to Beirut's overwhelmed hospitals in chaotic scenes reminiscent of a war zone.

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U.S. Officials Say No Sign Beirut Blast was Attack

Two U.S. officials said Wednesday there are no indications that the massive explosion Tuesday evening in Lebanon's capital was the result of an attack by either a nation state or proxy forces.

A senior Defense Department official and a member of the U.S. intelligence community told The Associated Press that, at the moment, the explosion appears to have been caused by improper storage of explosives.

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Govt. Seeks House Arrest for Officials over Beirut Blast

The government on Wednesday said it wanted officials placed under house arrest over a cataclysmic Beirut blast, as it announced a two-week state of emergency in the capital.

"We call on the military leadership to impose house arrest on all those who organized the storage of ammonium nitrate" at Beirut's port, Information Minister Manal Abdul Samad said, referring to the substance that sparked Tuesday's massive explosion.

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Turkey Sends Rescue and Medical Teams after Beirut Explosion

Turkey said Wednesday it is sending search and rescue teams along with emergency medical personnel to aid Lebanese authorities in the aftermath of the devastating explosion that killed at least 100 people in Beirut and injured thousands.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said a field hospital was also in the works, adding that Turkey was sending humanitarian aid, medical equipment and medicine to Beirut.

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Emergency Aid Lands in Lebanon as World Offers Support

Emergency medical aid and pop-up field hospitals were dispatched to Lebanon Wednesday along with rescue experts and tracking dogs, as the world reached out to the victims of the explosion that devastated Beirut.

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WHO Airlifting Medical Supplies to Lebanon

The World Health Organization says it is airlifting medical supplies to Lebanon to cover up to 1,000 trauma interventions and up to 1,000 surgical interventions following the explosion in Beirut.

WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said supplies airlifted from a "humanitarian hub" in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates would be used to treat burns and wounds caused by broken glass and other debris from the explosion.

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Mar Mikhail: Beirut's 'Beating Heart' Snuffed Out by Blast

Heritage buildings, trendy bars and hip art galleries, all gutted: the vibrant Mar Mikhail district, once one of Beirut's gems, is now a wasteland of broken glass and destroyed cars.

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Beirut Blasts Heap Fresh Woes on Deeper Lebanon Crisis

For the Lebanese people, who have watched helplessly as their economy has collapsed in recent months, the devastating explosion in Beirut is one disaster too many.

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Qatar Sends Field Hospitals to Lebanon

Qatar began flying field hospitals and medical aid to Beirut Wednesday, AFP correspondents saw, to ease pressure on Lebanon's strained medical system after the previous day's devastating explosions.

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