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Egyptian Delegation Seeks to Prevent New Gaza Flare-Up

Egyptian security officials have held talks with Palestinian leaders in recent days in part to prevent a new flare-up of tensions between Israel and the Gaza Strip, Palestinian officials said Sunday.

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Blood, Bones Paired to Probe IS Crimes against Iraq's Yazidis

Six drops of blood and a vial of ground-up bone: a sample of evidence that an Iraqi forensics lab has gathered of the Islamic State group's multiple brutal crimes against the Yazidis.

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Syria Gas Pipeline Hit by Sabotage Attack

A new sabotage attack has hit a gas pipeline in Syria, state media reported Sunday, putting it out of service in the latest setback to the country's troubled energy sector.

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In Iraq, Minority Children Haunted by Ghosts of IS Captivity

Brainwashed and broken, the Islamic State group's youngest victims are struggling to recover from years of jihadist captivity as they return to their own traumatized minority communities in Iraq. 

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Men Still Missing, Yazidi Women Stitch Together Incomes after IS

On the floor of her stuffy, dimly-lit tent in Iraq, Yazidi survivor Layleh Shemmo nimbly tugs floral pink fabric through her sewing machine, stitching together a living for her broken family.

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Mogherini from Kuwait: EU Increasing Its Presence in Middle East

The EU's diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini said Sunday the bloc is increasing its engagement in the Middle East, as she opened a new mission in Kuwait City.

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Activists Say Russian, Syrian Strikes Kill 11 in Rebel Area

Syrian rescuers and activists say 11 civilians, including two families of four, have been killed in government and Russian airstrikes inside Syria's last rebel stronghold.

First responders known as White Helmets said airstrikes in Kfarya village Saturday killed a mother, her baby and another man, leaving 11 injured, including one of their volunteers.

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Iraq's Former Prime Minister Abadi Hints at Comeback

Iraqi ex-prime minister Haider al-Abadi is eyeing a sequel to his turbulent single term, he hinted to AFP, warning a failure to tackle sectarianism and corruption risks seeing his country "fall apart".

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Report: 2-Month Idlib Campaign Nets Little for Syria's Assad

Two months of intensive airstrikes by Syrian government forces and their Russian allies, coupled with a fierce ground assault on rebel-controlled Idlib province, have killed hundreds of people and caused massive displacement while achieving little to no gain for President Bashar Assad.

Despite the heavy bombardment, Assad's troops have been unable to make any significant advances against al-Qaida-linked militants and other jihadi groups who dominate Idlib province, the last significant area held by opposition forces. Militant attacks have killed an average of more than a dozen soldiers and allied militiamen a day in recent weeks.

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Kuwait Arrests 'Terrorist' Cell Linked to Muslim Brotherhood

Kuwaiti authorities have arrested members of a "terrorist" cell linked to Egypt's outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, the interior ministry said on Friday.

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