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U.S.-Led Coalition Strikes Kill 26 Civilians in East Syria

U.S.-led coalition air strikes killed 26 civilians including 14 children Friday in a holdout of the Islamic State group in eastern Syria, a Britain-based war monitor said.

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Istanbul Conference Calls for Tribunal to Judge Yemen 'Crimes'

An Istanbul conference under the aegis of Nobel laureate Tawakkol Karman on Friday called for concrete measures to end the war in her native Yemen and an international court to judge those charged with crimes during the conflict.

The conference, which was organized by Karman's foundation, urged international players including the United Nations to take "deliberate and responsible actions to end the war and restore peace in Yemen."

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Shaken by Car Bomb, Mosul Fears Return of IS Nightmares

A deadly car bomb in Iraq's Mosul, the first since the city was recaptured from jihadists, has left residents shaken and terrified that past nightmares are returning to haunt them.

The blast late on Thursday hit the popular Abu Layla restaurant in Mosul, the northern city that for three years served as the Islamic State group's Iraq headquarters.

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Olive Tree Sabotage Plagues Palestinian Farmers

Palestinian farmer Mahmoud Abu Shinar surveys two rows of severed olive trees -- something he says has become a sadly familiar sight.

He didn't see who took a chainsaw to them at night, but he blames residents of an Israeli settlement a few hundred meters (yards) away.

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17 Freed Druze Hostages Return to South Syria Homes

Seventeen civilians from Syria's Druze minority who had been kidnapped in July by the Islamic State group returned home safely Friday, a local media outlet reported.

State media announced on Thursday that 19 hostages had been freed following a military operation against the jihadists in the southern province of Sweida.

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Qatari Cash Reaches Gaza in Effort to Ease Tensions

Palestinian civil servants formed long queues in Gaza on Friday to receive Qatari-funded salaries, as part of efforts to ease tensions in and around the impoverished territory, AFP journalists said. 

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Yemen Rebels Battle to Slow Loyalist Advance in Key Port City

Yemeni rebels battled Friday to slow an advance by pro-government forces deeper into Hodeida seeking to recapture the city's lifeline port, launching fierce barrages of mortar fire and aiming to cut off supply routes, military sources said.

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Libya PM Calls for 'Common Vision' ahead of Crisis Talks

The head of Libya's UN-backed government, Fayez al-Sarraj, urged the international community on Thursday to find a "common vision" for the chaos-hit North African nation, ahead of crisis talks in Sicily next week.

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Syria Regime Attack Kills 23 Rebels in Truce Zone

Syrian government forces killed 23 rebels near Idlib province on Friday, the deadliest clash to rock a buffer zone where a Russian-Turkish truce is to be enforced.

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Croatians, Serb Arrested over Qatari-Owned Jewels Theft

A Serbian and four Croatian nationals have been arrested for stealing millions of dollars of jewellery in Venice that belongs to the Qatari royal family, the Croatian interior ministry said Thursday.

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