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Riyadh Says Oil Facility Attacks Target World Supplies

Saudi Arabia said Wednesday that attacks on two of its oil tankers and a major pipeline targeted not only its own security but that of the world's supplies.

Drone attacks claimed by Iran-aligned Yemeni rebels shut down one of the kingdom's main oil pipelines on Tuesday, further ratcheting up Gulf tensions after the mysterious sabotage of four ships, two of them Saudi tankers, just outside the Gulf on Sunday.

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Calls for Airbnb Users to Shut Accounts over Israeli Settlements

Campaigners called on supporters of the Palestinian cause to at least temporarily deactivate their Airbnb accounts on Wednesday to protest its listings in settlements in the occupied West Bank.

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Satellite Image Shows Saudi Pump Station after Drone Attack

A satellite image obtained by The Associated Press shows one of the two pumping stations attacked by drones in Saudi Arabia apparently intact.

The image from San Francisco-based Planet Labs Inc. that the AP examined on Wednesday shows Saudi Aramco's Pumping Station No. 8 outside of the town of al-Duadmi. It's 330 kilometers, or 205 miles, west of the capital, Riyadh.

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UAE Says 3 Western Countries Part of Probe into Attack on Ships

Three Western countries will be part of an investigation into mysterious "sabotage attacks" on ships in the Gulf, an Emirati official said on Tuesday.

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British General in Iraq Says No Elevated Iran Threat

The international coalition in Iraq and Syria said Tuesday its troops were not feeling any intensified threat from Iran in the region, seemingly contrary to Trump administration warnings.

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U.N. Says Yemen Rebels Hand Security of Hodeida Ports to 'Coastguard'

Yemen's Huthi rebels have handed over security of key Red Sea ports to the "coastguard" but much work remains to remove military equipment, the U.N. said Tuesday.

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Trump Denies Planning to Send 120,000 Troops to Counter Iran

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday rejected a report that he is considering sending 120,000 troops to counter Iran, but didn't rule out sending "a hell of a lot more" soldiers in the future.

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20,000 Settler Homes Started in Decade of Netanyahu Rule

Israel has begun building nearly 20,000 settler homes in the occupied West Bank during the past decade of Benjamin Netanyahu's premiership, settlement watchdog Peace Now said Tuesday.

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Huthis Say Drone Attacks in Response to Saudi 'Crimes'

Yemen's Huthi rebels said they carried out Tuesday's drone attacks in Saudi Arabia that halted the pumping of crude oil along a major pipeline in response to the kingdom's "crimes" in Yemen.

"The targeting of Saudi vital installations is a response to the aggressors continuing to commit genocide crimes and impose a siege on the Yemeni people," tweeted Mohammed Abdusalam, spokesman for the Iran-aligned Huthis fighting the Riyadh-backed government.

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Saudi Shuts Major Oil Pipeline after Huthi Drone Attacks

Drone attacks claimed by Iran-aligned Yemen rebels shut down one of Saudi Arabia's major oil pipelines Tuesday, further ratcheting up Gulf tensions after the mysterious sabotage of several tankers.

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