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Goalkeeper Turned Iconic Rebel Fighter Dies in Northwest Syria

A Syrian goalkeeper turned rebel fighter who starred in an award-winning documentary has died of wounds sustained fighting regime forces in northwestern Syria, his faction said.

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US Envoy Says Israel Has 'Right' to Annex West Bank Land

The US ambassador has said Israel has the right to annex at least "some" of the occupied West Bank, in comments likely to deepen Palestinian opposition to a long-awaited US peace plan.

The Palestinians have rejected the plan before it has even been unveiled, citing a string of moves by US President Donald Trump that they say show his administration is irredeemably biased.

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Egypt Says 4 Suspected Islamists Killed in Sinai

Egyptian security forces killed four suspected jihadists in restive North Sinai allegedly involved in a deadly attack this week on a police checkpoint, the interior ministry said Saturday.

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Syria Uses Familiar Tactic in Rebel Idlib: Bombing Civilians

The father could hardly bear seeing his 18-month-old daughter's panic every time the Syrian government warplanes flew over their home. Every day for a month, she ran to him to hide in his arms, tearful and breathless.

Abdurrahim had refused to flee his hometown throughout years of violence, and he was determined to hold out through the new, intensified government offensive launched in April against Idlib province, the last significant territory held by Syria's rebels.

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Syria Flare-Up Leaves 83 Fighters Dead

Fierce clashes between Russia-backed government forces and jihadists have left 83 combatants dead in northwestern Syria in the past 24 hours, a Britain-based war monitor said Friday.

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Algeria Interim Leader Calls for 'Dialogue' over Election

Interim Algerian president Abdelkader Bensalah has called for "dialogue" after the authorities ruled out holding a planned election on July 4. 

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Netanyahu Fails to Get Postponement of Corruption Court Hearing

Israel's attorney general on Thursday rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's request to postpone a court hearing over corruption allegations against him, media reports said.

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Iraq Harvests Go Up in Smoke, but Who Lit the Fires?

Resurgent jihadists, ethnic land disputes or regular field burning? Iraq's northern farmlands are on fire, but the area's complex patchwork of grievances has made it hard to identify the culprits.

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UAE Probe of Tanker Attacks Points to 'State Actor'

Initial findings of an investigation led by the United Arab Emirates of May 12 attacks on oil tankers point to the likelihood that a state was behind the bombings, but there is no evidence yet that Iran was involved, the UAE said.

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Netanyahu Appoints Israel's First Openly Gay Minister

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has tapped Amir Ohana as acting justice minister, the first openly gay minister in the country's history.

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